Meimei & Jiejie Clarissa

đŸ‘¶: One for Clarissa, one for Meimei!

On a random morning last week, I was talking to Clarissa about something.

👧: Come here, darling.

đŸ‘¶: Mummy, why you call me darling?

👧: Because you are my darling?

đŸ‘¶: No, I'm not darling!

I'm Jiejie! I'm Jiejie Clarissa!

On another random day a few weeks back, she suddenly made a comment to her Yaya.

đŸ‘¶: Yaya, when Meimei comes out, you can only carry Clarissa!

I've already overheard the conversation from where I was sitting, so I immediately went out of the room.

Our helper repeated what the little boss said.

As gently as I could, I asked her why she said that.

👧: Oh, why is it that Yaya can only carry Clarissa?

đŸ‘¶: Because Daddy and Mummy need to carry Meimei. So Yaya carry Clarissa.

That broke my heart a little, and made me wonder how her not-so little mind made that leap.

We've merely introduced Meimei to her as our new family member, and someone who'd play with her and love her, just like Daddy and Mummy.

I reassured her that we would continue to love her, and she can ask for as many hugs she wants.
And that we will carry both Clarissa and Meimei.

Sometimes she'd ask me, "Where's Meimei?"

And I'd tell her that Meimei is in my tummy.

"Why huh?" She'd ask.

"Because Meimei needs to grow in Mummy's tummy before she comes out!" I'd explain.

Yesterday morning, she gave me a cheeky grin and said to me, patting her stomach, "Mummy! Meimei is in MY tummy! You know?"

I laughed.

One of the sweetest and funniest conversations we've had so far about Meimei.

It was sweet because it came from her, totally unprompted. That we'd play with Meimei together and make her laugh.

Funny because, well, I don't know why Spiderman is in the picture. 😅😂

Sometimes she tries to sabotage her Meimei.

I was having some tummy discomfort one day and told her about it. As usual, she asked why and I tried to explain.

👧: Because there is not enough space in Mummy's tummy so sometimes Meimei blocks Mummy's poop.

(TMI, lol)

đŸ‘¶: (Looks at my tummy seriously) MEIMEI! Cannot block Mummy's poop poop!

Both the hubs and I started laughing.

đŸ‘¶: (Looks up from my tummy) Meimei says NO! I WANT TO BLOCK!


Yet sometimes, out of the blue, she would lift my t-shirt up and kiss my tummy.

"I kiss Meimei!" She'd announce.

Hahaha I'm sure this is where all the sibling love and rivalry begin.

24 weeks

The hubs was asking me why I'm "suddenly" writing about xbb.

Haha our code names are very simple.

"bb" for Clarissa, "xbb" for Meimei.
x for 氏. Lol.

I've not really considered about deliberately writing or not writing about xbb, or when to do that.

Today feels right, even though it's a hectic day and I've just left office at 730pm and am writing this in a cab.

I know I want to write about xbb and this entire pregnancy experience, and I've been accumulating all these memories.

I really need to start somewhere before my memory deterioriates (further). 😅

The first trimester has been really really tough. Nauseousness every day throughout the day. That metallic taste in my mouth every day throughout the day. Gagging when Clarissa coughs or chokes. Gagging when cleaning her poop. 😂

Back pain and bloatedness, which all came way earlier as compared to the first pregnancy.

All the discomfort coupled with the ex-helper drama. I had almost no help with the little boss because even before she left, Clarissa was already refusing to let her bathe or change or feed or do anything for her.

So every morning and every evening was a mad rush to get things done.

And to top these off, there was Clarissa's constipation woes to deal with.

And not forgetting that one month without a helper.

I'm so glad I had the help and support of family and friends, and my awesome boss.

I'm also thankful for the little pockets of humour coming from the little quirks of our little little one.

For one, I completely could not stand the smell of coffee. Nor could I stomach it.

And I LOVE coffee. Especially the black ones without sugar. Whether it's the angmo or Singaporean type.
And I used to drink at least once if not twice a day.

Even when I was pregnant with Clarissa, I had a coffee almost every other day.

But the little little one does not approve.

I've started taking it again after week 16, when that perpetual metallic taste in my mouth finally faded away.
But it has to be with some milk and a little bit of sugar, and only from yakun. 😂

I mostly drink tea without sugar these days.

I also started ordering and eating things I normally won't order or eat, like laksa, or chicken rice.

I've always liked spicy food but I found myself going for it almost every day, so often that we sometimes say she's going to be a ć°èŸŁćŠč. 😅

Woes and jokes aside, we are happy.

I've always told the hubs that the first child is for him and for us, and the second child is for Clarissa.

A sibling is one of the best gifts we can give her and I hope they would always take care of and look out for each other.

And 3 years is a nice age gap.

My sister #3 and I are 3 years and 2 months apart, and I still remember the day my parents brought her home and how my Dajie and I climbed into the baby cot to look at her and touch her cheeks. 😊

Besides my education, I think the best gift from my parents are my four sisters.

I hope our girls would feel the same too as they grow up.

I'm not into taking bumpfies so I think this is the closest I have, our family photo.

I'm also not able to gush about the wonderful feelings of pregnancy, because the truth is, I feel all sorts of discomfort since Day 1.

It's the joy and anticipation that have kept me and that will keep me going.

And of course, the back massages I get from the hubs almost every night.

He grumbles about it sometimes, and I'll ask him, what's 3 minutes of massage compared to 24 hours of carrying a baby? 😂

And the preparation (and shopping) starts now!

There'd be lots of hand-me-downs from Jiejie Clarissa, but I'll get new stuff too, to be fair(er).

When I buy something for the little boss, I'll try to buy something for the little little boss too.

Figuring out the room arrangements too!

Fun times ahead. đŸ’ȘđŸ’Ș