1:1 lesson today.

Hahaha the hubs said, wah赚到! 😂

On our way to Ah-gong's place earlier, she was singing as usual.

Row row row your boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily merrily merrily,

Don't forget to swim!

Lol she made up the lyrics on her own.

Creativity 100%.

The weather today is so hot we were all sweating while seated in front of the fan (hahaha auto correct changed it to swearing, which wasn't too far off from the truth).

So we left my parents' place after watching one episode of Peppa Pig and I suggested heading to the mall instead of going home.

Although we could head home and turn on the AC and possibly let the hubs take a nap, I wouldn't bet on the little boss taking a nap too.

She would most likely end up zooming in and out of the room, and sweating buckets.

So the mall is a better bet. She could get a haircut and we could have an early dinner.

With all the AC we need. 😂

She was super steady, opting to sit on the chair instead of the car meant for kids.

I had to hold her hand at first but after a while she sat on her own and inspected her haircut like a pro, occasionally giving a very pleased smile.

Satisfied customer!

We were chilling on our bed before her bedtime, and I tried to put the remote control for the fan back onto the bedside table while still facing the little boss.

I missed, and the remote control fell onto the floor.

So I said I'd pick it up, and tried to get up. But before I could do anything, she stopped me and said:

No, I'll pick it up! Because your back is painful.

She promptly got off the bed, picked up the remote control and placed it back onto the table.

The hubs and I looked at each other, awestruck by her thoughtfulness and initiative.

I didn't make a sound about the pain!

Minutes later, I had to turn from my right to left to get hold of my phone, and it was really hard for me because my hips and back were really wasted by the end of today with the long car rides.

Again she said, "Let me take the phone for you!" and proceeded to get off the bed.

This time I said no, I can manage, and heaved my hip over so I could reach for the phone.

I looked at the hubs again, my heart feeling so full tonight. 😊