Little snippets

Daddy, wake up! You are very handsome already so cannot sleep already!


I have no idea where that came from.

But yeah it's already 1710 so it's really time for Daddy to get up!


It's my brother-in-law's birthday so this morning I told the little boss about it and asked her to sing him a birthday song.

She agreed and I started recording over WhatsApp.

And with a cheeky grin she sang happy birthday to Daddy instead. 😅

In the evening, she suddenly asked her Daddy, "Daddy! Whose birthday is it today huh?"

Daddy said, "Who?"

She replied triumphantly in a "how come you don't know" kind of tone, "It's San-yi-zhang's birthday!"

And started singing "Happy birthday to San-yi-zhang" on repeat mode.

So I quickly recorded it and sent the right version to our group chat.

Even though her "San-yi-zhang" sounded more like "San-yi-tiang'.
My sis heard "San jiang". 😂🤣

She was singing and clapping so enthusiastically!


In an attempt to improve her Mandarin, I tried to teach her a new song tonight.

It's one of the songs I loved as a kid because I thought it was directly addressed to me. 😂

It's called "自己跌倒自己爬".

At first she was enjoying the song and got me to sing it again.

And then she asked me what the song meant so I explained it to her.

"Oh this song is telling you it's ok to fall down. Even if you fall down, you can stand up on your own," I said to her.

Suddenly, her smile turned into a frown and her big round eyes looked sad. With tears brimming in her eyes, she said to me, "I don't want. I want Daddy."

I tried to tell her that yes Daddy and Mummy would be there, but the song is just telling her she can also stand up on her own.

In a very small voice, she said to me, "Mummy, can you sing another song?"

Aiyo so emo.


I made French toast this morning and got Clarissa to help me beat the eggs and coat the bread.

She was so enthusiastic about it, doing her task happily while announcing, "I'm cooking for Daddy, Mummy, Yaya and Meimei!"

We offered to give her some egg and French toast for breakfast but she said, "No no I make only, I don't eat."



On our way to buy breakfast on Saturday morning.

The hubs was carrying the bubs and I was standing on my own.

When the lift door opened, the neighbourhood cat was standing right beside the door, with its head stretched out.

I'm awfully afraid of cats so naturally I let out a loud gasp and tried to jump away.

That took the hubs by surprise and as we walked away, he chided me for having such a big reaction.

Naturally, the bubs asked why, what happened.

So the hubs explained, because Mummy is so scared of the cat, she jumped away, etc etc.

In turn the little one said to her Daddy, "Daddy, don't say Mummy is scared! I will ask the cat to go away."

Aww my heart. 😍

(Yeah I turned back the clock to update this because I just remembered this little incident on my way to work this morning.

It's really 630pm on Monday now and I'm still on my way home. 😂)