The Teachers' Day greeting video we recorded some time back.

Supposed to say her teachers' names but she chickened out and did victory sign instead. 😅

Something for her teachers and aunties!

The 3 pouches are for her English, Chinese and Assistant Teachers.
The little boss picked the design for each for them.

2 bags of snacks for all the admin and kitchen staff and all the other teachers!

Very practical and inexpensive, but I just wanted to get something they can use/eat, to show a little bit of appreciation.

I look back at our journey of looking for a pre-school for her and how well she has adapted, and I feel thankful.

I had to give up some $2000 deposit for another school, and honestly felt a bit sian about it because it could have been avoided if the principal wasn't so mercenary.

I'm glad we didn't go with that school because of the deposit!

Her current school is good!

I love how all the teachers and staff seem to know every child.
The teachers in charge greet Clarissa by her name even though they don't teach her.

It's not easy to remember every child's name because there are so many students!

I think it's the culture that starts from the principal and vice principal.

They've created a very warm and safe environment for the kids.

Inside the pouch!

Honey sticks, Milo cereal bar and chocolate bars!

The little one helped to pack them. 😁

Mini pop-up cards for her teachers.

I got her to pick the card for each teacher.

She really likes her teachers.

I've seen how she runs up to her English teacher to say hello, and the way she looks at her Chinese teacher when she helps her with her cardigan.

She comes home and assigns role plays for us – Mummy as Chinese teacher, Daddy as Assistant teacher and Clarissa as English teacher.

It's not easy being a teacher, especially in preschool where they are expected to be both a teacher and a nanny of some sort.


Taking a breather while lying down on the bed.

Thankfully the little boss is ok to have her dinner with her Yaya.

Worked from home today until 6ish.
Haven't quite finished my work but my body has already given up.

I really need to extend the post-physio effect from this morning. She worked on my pelvic bone today and it hurt so much.

I've been feeling rather downcast lately.

I feel ineffective in everything I do, as a mother, a wife, an employee.

By mid day my tummy feels tight and my back and hips hurt so much. I'm told to stand up from my seat every hour, but I find myself having to do that every 30 minutes.. and I have trouble standing up.

I know I'm lucky to be in a good company with a good boss, who is very understanding and gives me a lot of flexibility.

I can't imagine having to drag myself to office everyday and slogging until I finish the work, while being so heavily pregnant.

I try not to play the pregnancy card, but the physical discomfort really gets to me more than I want it to.

By the time I get home, I can hardly walk without feeling breathless. In fact I can hardly walk because my back and hips are collapsing from all the weight I carry and my feet have become swollen.

I try to keep up with the little one but a simple task of sitting down with her on her mattress to read.. is hard.

I do it anyway, because I want to spend quality time with her, but I can't channel the pain away.

Or she'd be asking me to follow her around the house, which I try to, but sometimes I get a sudden contraction and gush of discharge.. and it is quite scary.

It makes me feel so lack lustre as a mother.

Let's not get into the other roles I should be playing but.. can't.

Heck, I can't even sleep properly.

I have been waking up every early, either from crazy dreams, pain in the back, or combination of everything.
And I can't go back to sleep, no matter how hard I try.

The night before I dream that I had to go for a c-section and I could feel my doctor tugging at my tummy, and there was an intense cramp in my tummy.

I woke up in shock before I saw the baby.

I'm trying not to eat too much because I'm very worried about the baby becoming too big.

Also the bloatedness and tightness on my tummy gets worse and worse as the day wears on.

But I actually feel hungry? 😂

Sigh it's such a weird sensation.

I'm so afraid of stepping on the weighing scale.

So I have been trying to combat this downcast feeling by shopping online.

Buying both necessary, like groceries and unnecessary stuff, like dresses I can't wear.

I feel like I need to buy something but I don't actually feel super happy when I receive them.

Ok I guess that's enough ranting for the day.

There are many things and people to be thankful for.

Like this little bundle of joy, who not only makes me happy but also provides good comic relief.

Her Xiaogugu came home with her today and I could hear them playing together, basically the little one bossing her auntie around.

"Hey Xiaogugu, you put your legs inside the truck! If not you will fall out!"

Hmm good advice.

I enjoy chatting with her these days, because she surprises me all the time.

This evening she asked me a very philosophical question after sharing with me about her classmates who cried in class today.

Mummy, why are people sad?

I did a double take.. because, how old is she?

But I tried my best to explain to her.

"Sometimes people feel sad when they don't get what they want," I said to her. "Like Clarissa feels sad when Mummy is not at home with her, because you want Mummy but Mummy is at work?"

"Oh, and then I cry," She said. "Hey Mummy, do you know there's poop poop in my bum bum? Can you check?"


Wow, I didn't see that coming.

For the record, she'd already pooped earlier and all showered.

She just found it funny whenever I pulled her pants to check.


I hope she doesn't go around giving her number to people. 😂

But the number differs every time so I guess there is no need to be worried.

She told me she was going to work, and asked me to call her.

When she came back from "work, she chided me, "I ask you to call me. Why you never call?" 😂

So I asked for her number again lor. 🤣