Off-site meeting means eat, eat, eat. 😂

The most inspiring training today.

For some years Mattel/Barbie was struggling, dealing with changing values, habits, and how the "too perfect" Barbie was sending the wrong messages to young girls.

They tried to listen to consumers in order to become relevant again, but it only resulted in somewhat absurd execution – a Barbie who hates math because young girls hate math, a Barbie who has acne.. and so on.

They took a hard look at their past campaigns and thought about what they should really stand for.

They moved away from mass marketing to mass "mattering".
They stopped talking about the plastic and instead talked about their purpose.

And the result was this successful campaign, with an insight that was universal and close to heart they not only reframed themselves but also the category.

Doll play is not about the fashion.
It is about empowerment.

I guess I'm slightly biased as a mother to daughters so it really struck a chord with me.


The subsequent campaign was built on the same insight and purpose.

I love this!

It reminds me of what the hubs sometimes does with the bubs.

There seems to be quite a number of pregnancy announcements on Dayre recently!

While I update my Dayre quite actively, I don't quite participate in conversations outside of my own.
I think my social awkwardness extends to the virtual world. 😂

I love writing and sharing stories so I do it here, but I don't actively reach out.

Still this is a very comforting space for me, whether it's from writing or reading stories from others.

Two of the Dayre mummies actually experienced similar kind of hip/joint and body pain I'm going through now, also in the early stage of pregnancy.

I totally empathise with them. While it does not make the pain better and I have not reached out to them to share my experience, I just feel like someone understands the pain.

I had the same condition in my previous pregnancy (but I didn't have Dayre then) but I thought it was a combination of the baby weight and my flexibility.

So I did yoga, I walked, I stretched but it still hurt.

So much so that I sometimes couldn't get out of the car and would sit there crying, because I felt so helpless.

A few days before I got Clarissa induced, I was at home and went to use the toilet.

I don't know why, but I brought my phone with me even though it was a quick business. 😂

The hubs was waiting for me in the living room, and we were supposed to go to my parents' place for dinner.

I couldn't stand up from the toilet bowl.

At all.

Every little inch I tried to move hurt me so much.

I tried calling out to the husband but he couldn't hear me.

So I ended up calling him.

When he came in I'd already managed to pull up my pants with very tiny shifts but I still could not stand up.

He tried to help me up but I couldn't lift my hips up without the splitting pain.

He wanted to carry me off the toilet bowl but I didn't want him to, because I was 11kg heavier by then.. and while he's strong he's no weightlifter. 😂

I honesty thought I was going to be stuck on the toilet bowl for the next 3 days and started tearing in despair.

In the end the hubs decided to bite the bullet. He huffed and puffed and lifted me off the toilet bowl and carried me to the bed.

Later on we laughed about how ridiculous and hilarious the entire situation was.
It was so humiliating I thought this was the worst situation I would ever counter.

But of course, I realised later after going through childbirth that there are far more embarrassing situations in life than getting yourself lifted off the toilet bowl. 😂

Till today this remains a funny and sad memory I have when I was pregnant with Clarissa.

Fast forward to nearly three years later, this hip/joint pain started way earlier in this pregnancy as compared to the first.

It made me realise that it was perhaps not the weight, but the hormones and body acting up.

It was through Dayre that I found out that it was possible to do physiotherapy, and I was able to do some research to find out more about my condition and seek treatment.

Physiotherapy doesn't get rid of the problem but at least it helps me understand where the pain is and why, and it provides some relief.

Knowing that there is someone out there who is going through the same struggle and pain and would understand how I feel makes me feel less alone.

Afterall it really sucks to be feeling rusty and painful, and not being able to do a simple thing like getting off the bed without groaning in pain or sitting down to play with the little boss.


Photo-taking in school today!

This is the first time she's wearing her formal uniform properly. 😅

Even if we managed to persuade her to put it on, she'd insist on wearing pants with it.

This morning she came out of her room wearing the uniform and pink pants. 😂

Managed to persuade her to change out of the pants!

She looks like a proper school girl in this attire.

I told her I'd like to take a picture of her and she was so obliging.

"I stand here? Here?" She adjusted her position.

"Yes, here," I said. "1, 2, 3, smile!"

And she smiled like this. 😆

Even though Daddy tried to ask her to smile with her eyes open lol.

I didn't retake the picture because her enthusiasm was so adorable.

Facebook reminder.

2 years ago, her first grocery shopping trip in the trolley.

Time flies!

Ah-ah wanted to do a video call with her tonight but she dropped by with Da-yi in the end.

The little boss stopped everything she was doing and ran off to show Ah-ah her new truck, and made her wear the same hair clip.

Took a series of selfies.

Aww so happy to see her Ah-ah.
She missed Ah-ah last weekend because she was at her hall camp.

And then Ah-gong video called me, because he wanted to talk to the little one.

Apparently she said she'd call him tonight? 🤣

I confirmed with our helper. They said they would call each other tonight.

Hahaha so cute!

Ah-gong was wondering why she didn't call so he called her instead.
I think she forgot about her promise because she didn't mention it to me at all? 😂

Anyway they didn't talk much, but Clarissa was shyly showing Ah-gong how tall she is, standing against the growth chart.

It was time for milk and bed, so I asked her to say goodnight and give Ah-gong a kiss.

She walked closer to the screen, closing her lips together.

I thought, wah Ah-gong's lucky tonight because she looked like she was going to kiss him (virtually).

But she started doing ☝️☝️ instead. 😂😂

At least that made Ah-gong laugh. 😁

After we put down the phone, she continued doing it with her Ah-ah. 😂🤣

So cheeky.