Moral of the story: Always check your shoes before you leave the house.

The tip came off first, when I was entering the MRT station.

As I walked out of the train, the tip to middle part came off.

And then the entire thing came off when I was still walking out of the MRT station.

Went ahead to my meetings feeling awkward. 😂

In the end I decided to go home after I was done for the morning.

Partly because of the shoe because it's difficult to walk, but also partly because I was feeling a little breathless since morning.

Think it'd be more comfortable to work in my pyjamas. 😂

So here I am.


Result of watching "3 meals a day", a korean variety program, over the weekend.

I was supposed to have a 8pm call last night but it was cancelled.

So I asked my ex-boyfriend if he'd like to do army stew after work.

Yep, ex-boyfriend. 😆

All cravings satisfied. 😋

We ordered just the stew and chapchye, and walked out of the restaurant TOO FULL.

Now I feel like having kimchi pancake though. 😂🤣


Today's not a very productive day.

I couldn't sit up and work properly without feeling breathless. Tummy feels super tight. And there is this numb feeling down my feet and I can literally feel them swelling up.

I ended up bringing my laptop to the bed to work from there, but it was hard because I couldn't really find a comfortable position.

It's too early to be feeling this way.


The little boss came home from school crying.

I could hear her crying behind the door.

Once she stepped into the house, she dramatically paused at the door and went, "MUMMY!" and started wailing.

Our helper told me the back story.

So at pick-up, our helper was getting an update from the teacher about Clarissa's cough.

While the adults were talking, Clarissa the monkey climbed up and stood on a chair.

The school administrator (we call her Auntie J) saw her and naturally asked her to get off the chair.

She got upset about it, and when it was time to say goodbye, she said, "NO!"

Auntie J took it in her stride and said, "Oh you don't want to say goodbye? Let me take you back to the classroom."

That was when she started crying.
All the way until she got home.

She was sobbing so pitifully, even though she was the naughty one.

It's quite funny. 😂

But cannot laugh.

Once she calmed down, I tried to explain to her that it was not right of her to get upset with Auntie J, because she was worried about her falling down. And even if she were upset, she shouldn't be rude.

I tried to get her to imagine if I were the one standing on the chair and she was the one asking me to get off.. but I shouted at her instead.
How would she feel?

I think she got what I was trying to say, but she cheekily said, "Then Daddy stand!"

Anyway she agreed to say sorry to Auntie J when she returns to school on Monday so let's see.

Recently she's been throwing random tantrums and bursting into tears over minor incidents.

It gets a little trying sometimes, especially when I'm not as flexible and quick as before to stop or catch up with her.


Hahahaha sorry for the unflattering picture.

She's been eating more fruits!
Hahaha more in terms of quantity, not variety though.

She only eats apples and bananas.
And recently she'd ask our helper to cut apples for her!

So every other day after dinner I'd share an apple with her. She'd at least 4-5 slices, which is about half an apple.

Not bad!

Might reintroduce pears next.


We were watching a bit of the channel 8 drama serial about the army.

And the little boss started demonstrating to her Daddy how to do push-ups and sit-ups.

"Daddy you do this! Like this! Follow me!"

Lol so adorable with her butt sticking up like that.

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