Good morning!

All smiles here; who'd have thought that I had to persuade her to put on this outfit earlier this morning? πŸ˜‚

She wanted to wear her school uniform (oh, how tides have turned) and only get changed into this after her shower in school.

So she was lying down on her mattress, naked except for her diaper. She wasn't throwing a tantrum, just didn't want to get changed.

Until I said to her, hey this is the same colour as your truck! and hello kitty!!

Suddenly something clicked.

Her eyes lit up, she sat up and started putting on the skorts on her own while I put on her t-shirt.

She then went on to choose her socks – the red and white pair.

Hahaha #toddlerlogic.

She willingly let me take pictures, although she kept moving from side to side deliberately.

Hope she has fun in school!

We were asked to bring red/white snacks for the class to share so we bought mini cakes which had cream and strawberry fillings. Lol.

She said she'll give one to Auntie J so let's hope she doesn't chicken out. πŸ˜‚

She clearly had a lot of fun in school!

Burst into the study room announcing "Mummy I show you something!" and proceeded to pour everything out of the plastic bag.

Ah-gong bought cake for her and she said, "Thank you Ah-gong! I also have present for you!"

He asked, where?

But she went on to sing "Happy Birthday to Singapore". πŸ˜‚


I asked her if she had fun in school, she said, "I eat a lot! EVERYTHING in my tummy!"

But still, she wanted to eat hello panda.


She gave me and our helper a pack of biscuits each and kept asking us to "eat your biscuit now!"

Cheeky and goofy.

πŸ‘§: So how old is Singapore?

πŸ‘Ά: Old! And old and old.

Must be very old.

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