1739: Just got into a cab and it started raining. 😕

Which means traffic jams and a longer than usual ride home.

Still, trying to feel thankful that:
1) I booked a cab at a fixed rate. So no matter what happens I'm only going to pay $24
2) I'm on my way home
3) It's Friday

The past few days have been crazy.
I was working on national day.
Left office past 7pm yesterday, went home for dinner, spent time with the bubs, tucked her in bed and then worked from 945pm to past midnight.

Back to back meetings today.

Finally had a small break at 2pm and I went out to buy coffee.

Was contemplating if I should also get one for my boss because he looked like he needed one too.

And once I got back he asked me if I wanted coffee. 😂

It's been a trying week at work with too much going on.


Took the bubs to the mall to meet the hubs after his gym session.

She asked me for our plans in the morning.

👶: Are we going to school?

👧: Nope, no school today.

👶: Where are we going today?

👧: What do you want to do today?

👶: Hmm. We go eat breakfast and then we go shopping!

So yeah we walked around a little and then went for lunch.

While waiting for our queue number to be called, she went driving.

She willingly let me tie her hair because she was so eager to go out. ✌

She fell asleep shortly after we got home. I took a short nap too.

She woke up crying for Mummy and it took me at least two minutes to get to her because I had difficulty sitting up and getting off the bed. 😯🤢

In fact my tummy's been feeling so tight and heavy it's causing more strain on my back and joints.

And I'm not even in the third trimester. Have to go through the GD test next week and I'm nervous.

I got it the last time and I think I'd get it again this time.

Partly genetic because my dad has diabetes and partly because I'm not strict about my diet.

My comfort food is anything crunchy like chips or spicy like curry or both, like spicy chips. 😂
I compensate by eating less rice and going for wholemeal/grains where possible. I also don't take much sweet stuff.

Super nervous about stepping on the weighing machine but anyway it's too late to do anything now. 😂

What an apt sticker! 😀

I've been giving the little boss back massages with essential oil every night because she has a slight cold.

She would insist on helping me pour the oil onto my palms and recently she's started pouring it onto her own palms too.

Mummy, you massage me and I massage you lor!

She said to me last night in her 大姐大 tone.

"Mummy, where painful?" She asked me.
I pointed at my back.
She lifted my tshirt and really started rubbing oil onto my back.

"Can?" She even checked if her service was satisfactory.
There was almost no pressure but aww it was good.

"Where else painful?" She moved on to other parts of my body and started massaging my legs and tummy.

"Hello, Meimei!" She said as she lifted my t-shirt to expose my tummy.

I'm so glad I chose to spend time with her instead of working through the evening.

I love how much she's talking these days and her #toddlerlogic.

She opened the bathroom door while I was showering yesterday.

To be honest I think I felt a little too exposed and I think she felt it, because her face fell a little when I asked her if she could close the door.

I immediately decided to smile and ask her in a nicer tone, if she could wait for me outside.

She said, "But I have something to tell you now!"

So I asked her what it is and she said something random like "Today xiaogugu gave me a cake!" and "Ok byebye!" before she closed the door and went outside. 😂

She's been afraid of her xiaogugu for unknown reasons since she was a baby.

We don't really understand why, because my younger sis-in-law doesn't look fierce or anything!

Yet she'd totally avoid her xiaogugu or cry when xiaogugu is like 5 metres away and not even doing anything to her.

Or refuse to look at her when she comes with Ah-gong to pick her up from school. 😂

We tried telling her that xiaogugu is nice, not fierce and won't scold her or anything but she wasn't convinced.

Whenever we go to Ah-gong's place, she'd pointedly say to me in advance that she cannot say hi to xiaogugu because she's scared. 😂

But something must have clicked this week.

Yesterday she told me she said hi to xiaogugu and wasn't scared of her, and that xiaogugu gave her a cake.

Today she even hugged her goodbye and blew kisses.

Xiaogugu updating the hubs on the progress. 😄

What made her day today: Auntie O's visit.

This morning I told our helper that my friend is coming tonight and to cook for one more person.

Our helper simply told the little boss while she was getting changed, that Mummy's friend is coming tonight.

Immediately after she was done changing, she burst into my room to ask me, "Is Auntie O coming here after I come home from school?"

I said yes!

And she happily ran out of the room, satisfied with my answer.

She went on to ask me the same question a few more times before she informed her Daddy, Auntie O is coming after I come home from school!


She made Auntie O jump up and down and walk around the house "shopping", fed her pear and apple, pinched her cheeks and ran away. 😂

When it was time for Auntie O to go home, she asked her, "Auntie O you will come home tomorrow?" 😆

I think she meant to ask if Auntie O would come again tomorrow.

Hahaha #bff. 😁

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