28 weeks

Woke up at 4am this morning aching all over.

Went to the bathroom.

Tried to go back to sleep.

The little boss zoomed into the room at 6am, stood at my bedside and said to me somewhat angrily, "Mummy why are you not sleeping on my bed?"

Erm I thought you said you'd help me get off your bed? 😂

She whined as she got up the bed and refused to let me hold her hand.
Drank her milk grudgingly.

My alarm went off once, twice and it was time to get out of bed.

And she was her usual cheery self again.

We dropped her off in school earlier than usual, because we had to be at our gynae's by 820am for the glucose tolerance test.

"Later Daddy and Mummy come and pick me ok?" She said as she waved a cheeky goodbye to us.

Off we went to the gynae for the dreaded test.

Took my weight as usual and realised that I gained 2.5kg over the past 4.5 weeks. With Clarissa there was also this particular leap where I gained 3kg in a month and my gynae told me to go easy on my diet. 😂

Total weight gain so far is 4kg. Lost 2 kg, gained 2 kg, and then 1.5kg in the last check and now another 2.5kg.

Zzz. Was hoping to just gain 1 kg each month.

Anyway. Went for the prick. Had the horrid glucose drink which I was supposed to finish within 5 minutes.

I nearly couldn't finish it and felt like throwing up. But throwing up is not an option because I'd have to come for the test again another day.

So I finished it and we went to show the technician the empty bottle as evidence. 😂

He instructed us to go back for the second test in 2 hours.

In the meantime we went for the regular scan.

Sure enough, I got niao-ed (😂😂😂) a little by my gynae. He was funny about it lah but I really should watch my diet.

He was quite certain I'd be back in two hours for the consulting on gestational diabetes, since I got it the first time and I gained nearly 3kg again this time.

Xbb is doing well! She is on the bigger side though. 1.3kg, in my gynae's words, "exceeding expectations". 😂

Clarissa at 28 weeks in my womb was 900g. 😂 (She was 1.9kg though by 32 weeks.)

Anyway it's all good, though the naughty hubs started calling xbb "dua mao". 😂

And then we waited for another 1.5 hours to take the second test.

There was a lady in front of me taking the prick test, but it was taking a while because she kept retracting her hand when the technician was about to prick her finger.

The technician is a very nice old man, and he asked her to look away and not play tug of war like this because there are two mummies waiting behind her.

By then the next in line to take the test was standing beside me, waiting.

So they tried again, but again the lady said, wait wait wait! and took another deep breath.

The technician and another nurse suggested that she stepped out to relax herself first so we could take the test. But the lady sat there hesitantly.

I think I kinda understand her dilemma. On one hand she wanted to get it over and done with. On the other hand she's genuinely scared.

So I walked to her and offered to hold her other hand while she took the prick.

She took my hand gladly and held it really tightly as the needle went down her finger.

She was genuinely scared.

"Thank you thank you," she looked up at me with a bit of tears in her eyes as I gave her a pat on her back.

"See? It's ok!" the technician smiled at her too.

Hope the little bit of moral support helped.

And then it was my turn.

The technician sat me and the other mummy down to brief us together.

If we failed the test, we would have to rent the kit home and prick our fingers 5 times a day for at least the next 7 days to monitor our blood sugar level.

So he had to demonstrate to us, using me as the subject, how to use the kit.

I followed the instructions holding my breath. He'd explained to us that anything above 7.8 is considered failing the test.

He pricked my finger, squeezed out a drop of blood and held it close to the device.

There is a timer on the device which counts down from 5 to 1 before the score is revealed.

So the hubs and I, the technician and the mummy next to me all leaned in close to watch the numbers tick by on the device, counting down to the longest 5 seconds of my life. 😂

And finally.. 2, 1.. and then a number appeared.


Both the hubs and I let out a very loud "HWAH!" and started laughing hysterically.

"You passed the test!" announced the technician.

Lol thank goodness.
I was so sure I was going to get it the second time.

We wished the other mummy good luck before zooming off. 😁

Headed for lunch, the same place we went 3 years ago after the same test. 🤣

We've already decided on the place last week, haha for old times' sake.

My treat this time, because I passed the test. 😉
(Edit: And lost the bet with the hubs. 😂)

I'm just so glad I don't have to get my fingers pricked over and over again.

Chilling while waiting for the hubs to finish gym so we can pick the bubs together later.

Original plan was to read a book and chill, but there was a bedsheet fair so erm I bought a super king size bedsheet + duvet cover set (Usual price: $499 Now: $99), a Disney tsum tsum single size bedsheet set (Usual price: $89 Now: $39) and an extra set of waterproof mattress + pillow + bolster protector (Usual price: $80 Now: $52).

Super random but quite shiok.
For CNY. 😁

But now I need help carrying the bag because it's very heavy! 😅😂

Daddy and Mummy pick-ups must always come with a waffle! 😁😋

I wonder how many waffle pictures I have accumulated in my phone.

She was so happy to see us at pick-up!

Chatted with her English teacher, who said the little one had already told her very proudly this morning that "Today Daddy and Mummy will pick me up!"

And it looks like she's showing her cheeky colors in school as well.

She accidentally spilled soup on her teacher's pants, they cleaned up and she ran off to put the utensils away.

Came back to her teacher and asked her, "Teacher L, why you spill soup on your pants?"


I said to the teacher, aiyo so cheeky.
But she insisted that she's very cute.

She sat Mama duck down on her lap to eat the waffle together.

I heard her whispering something to Mama duck so I asked her what she said.

"I said, Jiejie eating waffle now!" She said to me and broke into a smile like ☝️.

And then Daddy had a little chat with her about the mini tantrum she threw in the car earlier.

I think she was upset that we went out without her. 😂

And then she refused to let Daddy carry her out of the car.

So when she got home she made amends by running in and out of the study room offering small pieces of waffle to her Daddy.

When Daddy came out of the room, she said sorry to him but he told her he was still upset and asked her, "So how?"

She said to him:

I give you waffle lor!


Are waffles the new answer to everything? 😆

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