Rainy days are only good if you are already at home.

So glad that my fil and sil are able to pick the little boss up today!

I had a mini dilemma at 530pm.
Do I go ahead to book a cab knowing I'd definitely be caught in a jam or do I wait for the rain to stop?

I went ahead to book a cab because it's either rainy traffic jam or peak hour traffic jam.

I've been on the road for almost an hour now and it's still raining!
While I'm still quite a distance away from home. 😭

The level of discomfort is increasing these days.

The top-middle part of my tummy feels like it's getting pushed out, I feel like something's pushing my rib cage.. basically my tummy feels extended like it's a tent and sometimes I find it hard to breathe.

I look super round and I have nothing to wear.

I bought a t-shirt dress from Zara 2 weeks ago and I thought the length was decently above the knees.

Wore it today and as the day progressed it became too short to be called a dress and too long to be called a t-shirt.

Super awkward.

And I feel so tired and round I don't know what to do with myself.

Glad I'm finally going for physiotherapy after nearly 2 weeks of hiatus.

I've been surviving on hubby's nightly back and hip rub which helps a lot but by mid morning my back collapses and by the end of the day I have trouble getting into a cab.

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