Taking a small break while the little boss eats lunch with her Daddy.

The situation this morning.

The hubs was out for the NS run and went to visit his grandma in the hospital.

I had to go to the bathroom while the helper was in the kitchen hanging the laundry.

I asked her to go and pick some books first, and I'll be out in a jiffy.

But instead she sat on the stool outside the bathroom and sulked like this. πŸ˜‚

"Nobody play with me," she complained to me when I opened the bathroom door.

We spent the rest of the morning reading book after book, which was lovely.

Sadly the post-physio effect wore off yesterday, after I carried the little boss from the carpark to the lift.
It was raining, so I got off the car with her first while the hubs parked the car.

It was probably made worse after I slept on the mattress beside her bed as she took her nap.

Slept poorly again and woke up in the middle of the night with the little one sleeping precariously close to the edge of the bed.

I tried to carry her back to the pillow but couldn't do it.

Instead I had to shift her bit by bit to the middle of the bed.

And this morning I read to her while lying on my side. She didn't seem to mind but I felt a little inadequate because I looked so nuah. 😯

Just before we left for her swimming lesson, the hubs was watching some random show on Channel 8, and frowning.

The little boss walked up to him, looked up at him and said:

Daddy, δ½ δΈΊδ»€δΉˆδΈεΏ«δΉ?

Said in a slight Cantonese accent because she pronounced "快乐" (kuai le) as "fai le".

Hahaha but aww Chinese-speaking Clarissa is so cute. #oldwongsellsmelon

She usually asks us why we are not happy when she sees us not smiling, so it's not a strange question.

Just that it's the first time she asked this in Chinese. πŸ˜†

Oooh I'm Dayre-ing in the dark now.

We came over to my parents' place after her swimming lesson.

The little boss has been asking to go to Wai-po's place since yesterday but I was seriously too tired to run to three places in a day.

I wanted to pass some butter cake I bought from Old Seng Choong for my sisters to try.

I ordered it along with the Apple pie which I bought for a gathering at my friend's place yesterday.

The cake is pretty good, especially after it's warmed up.

It's denser than usual but it doesn't have the oily and jelat butter taste.

I like!

I had a slice for "lunch" because I wasn't very hungry. Too lazy to warm it up so I ate it straight from the fridge.

The little boss saw me having the cake and immediately joined me on the couch, even though she already had her lunch.

She literally took over the entire slice of cake (which I had a quarter of) and said she would hold it for me.

She even directed me to which parts to bite while she happily took bites of it herself.

Can you guess which her favorite part is?

Hahaha yes the outer layer.

She even pointed at it and said, "I like this part, before biting it off."

She also ate the cake lah but the outer layer was her priority. πŸ˜‚

So when my mom called to ask if I wanted some sanlao horfun because she was packing a late lunch for my sis, I said yes. πŸ™„

She also bought otah, buns and made bird's nest soup.

So we ate while the little boss went around giving her fish biscuits to everyone.

And then she declared she was ready for milk and nap ("Later I watch Peppa Pig ok?") so we holed up in my parents' room.

I dozed off for perhaps 15 minutes, while the hubs came into the room, and slept on a mattress. πŸ˜‚

She slept for about 1.5 hours and the moment she woke up, she said, "I want to eat biscuits and watch Peppa Pig on TV." πŸ˜…

So here we are.

Shiok life.

But overall a tiring week.

My FIL called me while the hubs was still napping.

Grandma wasn't feeling well and so the hubs had to go back to the hospital again.

In fact he'd been shuttling to hospital after work almost every evening since Wednesday.

She was due for a minor op on Friday, which she refused to go for.

We visited her in hospital yesterday and tried to persuade her but she told us to go home.


This morning we had a video call with her while the hubs was there.

The little one said to Grandma, "θ€ε¬·οΌŒδΉ–δΉ–" – to get her to listen to the doctor.

She eventually agreed to go for the op but her condition got worse over the afternoon.

Hoping for the best now.

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