Sweet moments

This morning, we sent the little one to school.

As usual, Daddy was carrying her and I was carrying her bag while we waited for the lift.

Out of the blue, she turned to me and said, "I love you, Mummy."

And then she turned back to look at the hubs and said, "I love you, Daddy."

We took turns to tell her we love her too, as we stepped into the lift.

She smiled brightly, with a tinge of shyness. She then held up her yellow bumble bee snack cup in front of her eyes and looked at her Daddy.

"Daddy, you are yellow!" She exclaimed and laughed cheekily.

We all laughed, including a lady who happened to enter and share the lift with.

And my day felt a little brighter and a little better.


Finally taking a breather in bed – while feeling breathless with a very tight and bloated tummy, and swollen feet.

Such irony.

I left my phone in the car so no phone until I see the hubs tomorrow.

Using my work phone now and it feels weird.

For some reason the little one took almost an hour to fall asleep, and i had so much difficulty getting up from her bed.

Still, sweet moments > frustration.


The hubs picked her up from school and dropped us off at home before heading back to take the night duty for the wake.

At the door, the bubs clung onto him and refused to let him go.

"Daddy don't go!" She cried.

Daddy explained to her that he had to go back to help out.

"Then I want to go with you to Ah-gong's place!" She clung onto his shoulders even more tightly.

We made a compromise for Daddy to stay for five more minutes.

I gave the hubs a quick peck on the lips and she immediately pouted her lips to plant a kiss on her Daddy's lips too.

And then we had a family kiss. 😘😅

"Bye bye Daddy! Be careful huh. Don't drive so fast!" She said to him, sounding like his little girlfriend.


The fisherman's friend's commercial was showing on tv, and for some reason she really likes it and started singing the "kiss me" song.

I pouted my lips and jokingly said I was going to kiss her.

"No no no Mummy you don't kiss me," she said, asking me not to pout.

"I kiss you!" She declared and promptly gave me a kiss on my lips.


My sis came over to help babysit her together, and she made her Dayi drive the truck.

She arranged her animal friends in a neat row and then squeezed herself into the other corner of the truck.

"Dayi you drive to Singapore ok? You must turn left and then turn right!" Little miss bossypants instructed. 😂

When it was time for Dayi to go home, she said, "No Dayi sleep here tonight!"

After some haggling she was ok to let Dayi go home but she added, "Next time Ah-ah come with Dayi ok?"


Before bedtime.

I asked her to leave a voice message for Daddy to say good night.

"Good night Daddy," she said. "I love you!"

How much, I asked.

"Very very much," She replied without hesitation, smiling bashfully.



She held my hand and snuggled close.

"Mummy, can you protect me?"

Of course, I said. I put my hand on her tummy.

"Good night, Clarissa."

"Good night, Mummy."

"I love you."

"I love you too, Mummy."


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