Got my money's worth at physio today.

We started 10 minutes earlier than the scheduled appointment and ended 10 minutes later.

So it was a 50-minute session instead of the usual 30 minutes.

She is usually quite strict on time but I guess my condition was so bad she really wanted to do as much as she could.

The pain basically spread all the way to my calves and 2 days ago I had a very bad cramp on my left calf, the kind that took a few minutes to shoot up and then subside.

I had to keep taking deep breaths to ease the pain, and it helped a little.

So it was pretty bad yesterday.

And this morning I was limping even though I massaged my hip joints last night.

Even my usually indifferent helper asked if I was ok. 😂

So the physiotherapist worked on my joints, my thighs and even my pelvic bone.

Feeling a lot better now.

She said my tummy is low and big for 29 weeks and she expects xbb to come earlier than edd.

Despite all the discomfort I'm still hoping to carry xbb until 40 weeks.

Lower chance of jaundice, sturdier and hence easier to carry, and we'd have a November baby and 2 October babies instead of 3 October babies.

The hubs and bubs are both October babies.

Also hope to celebrate her 3rd birthday properly before she becomes a big sister.

But of course it's not up to me to decide.

Ultimately all I hope for is a healthy baby and safe delivery.

I'm not a 'bumpfie' person and I think I look and feel like shit.

Maybe because I've never been that skinny with a flat tummy to begin with, so a bump is a bump and a bigger bump is, well, just a bigger bump?

I don't feel particularly guilty about not embracing the bump and not basking in (my non-existent) pregnancy glow.

As one #dayremum puts it, just because I don't enjoy having the bump does not mean I don't love the baby.

🖑 High five 🖐

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