A funny and sweet moment last night.

The little one dropped her little ball underneath the sofa, so I asked the hubs to help her retrieve it.

She saw her Daddy lying sideways on the floor and went to give him a big bear hug from behind, effectively trapping him between the sofa and herself, giggling and refusing to let go.

Loot from Next.

The little boss' casual shoes are getting worn out so I got her to choose another pair by creating a collage of the 5 pairs I shortlisted and asking her to pick one.

She chose this pair without hesitation. 😁

And I couldn't resist getting these infant socks. Too cute!

She knew they are for Meimei but I caught her trying to put them on. 😅

They are obviously way too small for her now.

I can't imagine her feet being so tiny before.

We decided to go to our usual hunt for lunch.

She asked me what we were going to do today and I had to go through each step with her before she happily concluded, "Yes! That's the plan!"


We walked around a little and she insisted on her Peppa Pig ride AND soya bean ice cream before she was willing to leave the mall.

Also a creature of habit, yes? 😂

The good thing about her is that she'd tell me she'd enough ice cream and stop eating. ✌

We headed to my parents' place for her usual nap and went to the pool after she woke up.

I did my "whale in the pool walks round and round" exercise while the hubs and bubs played in the water.

I could carry her and help her swim in the pool quite easily while doing my walking exercises.

She was so happy to be in the pool! 😊

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