The little boss gave me a scare this evening.

She was halfway through her dinner when I got home so I went into the study room to put down my bag.

Suddenly she cried and screamed, "There's a chicken in my mouth! Take it out! Take it out!"

Immediately went to check on her but I couldn't tell what was wrong.

Tried looking into her mouth and checked her teeth but couldn't see anything.

She started coughing, choking and gagging while crying.

I kept asking her to calm down but I thought she might throw up anytime.

Luckily she managed to control her panick and kept it all down.

I washed my hands and stuck a finger into her mouth to check but there was nothing.

Made her drink some water and she seemed to have calmed down.

"Are you alright, honey?" I asked her gently.

Hey I'm not honey. I'm boss.

She corrected me, like I didn't know it was a fact.


Ok, I guess she's alright. 😂

It is still a mystery though.

There weren't any big chunks of food on her plate, and I didn't think there was any fish bone either.

She kept saying there was something in her throat.

Hopefully just a one-off incident.

My dad brought her some mini love letters tonight.

She tried it for the first time and loved it.

Kept asking for more.

Yep, pattern more than badminton as usual.

I think the waffle might have met its match. 😂

Million dollar question and answer.

I also asked her, "Are you cheeky or very cheeky?"

She laughed and said to me, "I'm funny!"


30 weeks today.

As usual she tickled my tummy and said, "I tickle Meimei!"

And then she bent over to kiss her. 😍

"Mummy, I also have something in my tummy!"

"Oh, what's in your tummy?"

"Mama duck is in my tummy! It's another Mama duck!"

"Oh wow, you have Mama duck in your tummy?"

"Yes! Her head is over here!" She said, pointing at the top of her tummy.

Well, this makes all the discomfort a little more bearable.

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