Dinner with the Yi-yis!

My sticky little boss today.

Solo parenting today because the hubs has to work.

She'd literally stick, I mean sit, next to me with my arm around hers regardless of what she's doing – whether she's eating cereals, playing with her toys, watching tv.

I had to inform her if I had to step away for 2 seconds throw something away, and ask for permission if I had to go to the toilet.

(She'd either tell me I cannot go, or "I go with you, Mummy". 😂)

We told her this morning that her Yi-yis would be coming over tonight and she was very excited.

Long story short, my mum called this morning to cancel the plans for tonight because I'm not supposed to celebrate my birthday.

She suggested lunch tomorrow at her place (which we'd go anyway) so I said ok.

But the little boss was asking so many questions.

"Why are my Yi-yis not here yet?"

"They will be here tonight, honey."

"Why only at night? How come huh?"


So I suggested in the group chat to meet anyway, just for dinner.

It's ok not to have a cake or a celebration. It'd be nice to have dinner together, and for the little boss to see her Yi-yis.

Good thing we decided to keep the date because she asked about her Yi-yis (and also Daddy) throughout the day.

She was even naming each Yi-yi (and Yi-zhang and Gor-gor) and counting how many of them would be here tonight?

She almost didn't want to take her nap, because "What if I sleep and my Yi-yis don't come?" 😯🙄

So I told her they'd only be here if and after she took her nap.

"So I sleep, I wake up, my Yi-yis will be here?"

I assured her, yes yes you must sleep first otherwise you'd have no energy to play with them later.

"I want to show them Minnie Mouse!" She said, before happily setting the bed to prepare for her nap.

Said Minnie Mouse.

Brought her out to get lunch and some groceries, and an obligatory surprise egg.

She finally got what she's been waiting for!

It started with Daisy duck, and then she saw there was a Minnie Mouse in the series so every time she picked an egg she'd ask me if it was Minnie Mouse inside.

A few disappointments later, here's Minnie!

(And even though she was disappointed she still played with the toys earnestly, so ok lah just buy for you lah. 😂)

So excited to take a picture to show her Daddy she leaned in way too close to the phone.

She then put Minnie back into the egg and made me guess what was inside. 🙄

Minnie is now lying beside her while she takes her nap. 😆

She ate lunch on her own and finished everything!

She didn't want to eat the vegetables but I said to her, "Do you know what Minnie Mouse's favorite food is?"

"Don't know?"

"It's VEGETABLES!" I answered enthusiastically.

"Vegetables? Like me?" She chuckled.

Erm dude, since when is your favorite food vegetables? 😂

But I'll take it, because she ate everything including the vegetables.

Power of Minnie Mouse. 💪🐁

She slept for 2.5 hours!

Out of which I napped for an hour.

Had to get up to use the toilet.

Spent the rest of the time trying to relax and dayre and watch her sleep.

Cuddled with her for a bit when she woke up.

And then she asked me if she could go out of the room to play with Yaya.
I said sure!

I guessed she'd be back soon anyway because her Yaya would find the chance to escape.

I'm feeling very achy and lethargic today.

In fact I feel like curling up in bed everyday to nuah.

This 3-4 hours of sleep every day is really wearing me out.


Our 1st #babysitter is here!

Lol the little boss was shrieking in excitement and laughing happily when we opened the door.

Basking in all the love and attention.

Before she went to bed she told me she is so happy today and that she wants to meet everybody again tomorrow.

She was going around feeding everyone imaginary yoghurt and taking selfies/wefies with each of her Yi-yis.

She's always enjoyed company but she's mostly shy.. Recently something seems to have clicked and she's become so friendly and bubbly around our family and close friends.

I was able to sit down and watch her moving from Yi-yi to Yi-yi, and looking so comfortable and happy.

Such nice family time. 😊

And nice, thoughtful gifts from my sisters.

We had too much food as usual! 😂

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