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Are you having a boy? Or twins?

Asked a colleague who was intrigued by the size of my tummy, at 31 weeks.



I haven't stepped on the weighing machine since the last checkup.
And the next checkup is on Saturday.

According to the app, the coconut should be around 41cm and 1.5kg at 31 weeks.

But erm at 28 weeks xbb was 1.3kg?

Chubby and healthy is good, but please stay in the tummy snugly and come out smoothly!

She happily showed me the goodie bag she got from her classmate's birthday celebration today.

There are 2 of these Hershey's chocolate in the bag.

She kept asking me if she could eat one of them.

I want to eat one, because the other one is for Daddy!

And then she let me take a picture of her with the chocolate to show her Daddy.

I told her she could eat one after resting (she'd just finished her dinner) and she proceeded to keep the 2 pieces of chocolate underneath her Daddy's pillow.

So sweet.

I texted the hubs to tell him about it, and I asked him, what about Mummy?

He said I should try asking her.

So I did.

"So Daddy has one chocolate and Clarissa has one. What about Mummy?"

She looked surprised by my question but she answered almost nonchalantly:

Mummy? I share with you!

In her 倧姐倧 tone.


I tucked her in bed and got her to send a voice message to her Daddy who was still in office.

She said her usual good night and "I love you Daddy very much".. and then she remembered.

"Hey I haven't give the chocolate to Daddy!"

Aye she didn't eat her chocolate but already so sweet? πŸ˜„

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