The situation last night: Bossinese Occupation. πŸ˜‚

At bedtime she suddenly declared she was going to sleep with me in our bed, went to her room and between her and Yaya, swept everything off her bed and brought it over to our bed.

That included her pillow, two bolsters, one Mama Duck, one Peppa Pig, one blanket and a few small toys. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Recently she's been asking me to lie down in her bed with her and waking up in the morning crying because I wasn't there on her bed.

She probably figured that the best solution is to sleep in our bed so I'd always be there?

She had trouble falling asleep last night though? Kept sitting up and telling us she can't sleep.

She slept ok eventually, though by morning she'd already made a full 360Β° turn and woke up sharing my pillow with me.

I slept earlier than usual but sleep was shite.

Woke up at 2am and couldn't go back to sleep until much later.

I was in quite a lot of pain yesterday.
Couldn't get out of the cab and had to spend the evening lying sideways in bed while reading to the little boss.

For some reason my left shoulder was aching all the way down to my left hand, and it felt so weak?

So I woke up this morning feeling like I didn't quite sleep.

The only consolation was having a little someone cuddling with me and telling me, "I love Mummy and Daddy" the moment she woke up.

Went for physio earlier this morning which hurt so bad but I'm feeling better now.

At least I didn't have problem getting out of the cab.

Someone needs to invent something to make it more comfortable for pregnant women to work.

These days I feel like my mind's still functioning but my body is giving up. I can't sit, I can't stand, I can't do anything comfortably.

This one came home from school, zoomed into the study room and gave me (and Meimei) a big hug and happy grin.

Mummy! How come you are suddenly at home?


How come you suddenly know how to use the word suddenly?

Anyway she got changed and had some cake that Ah-gong bought.

I told her I still have work to do.

She said, "Ok, after I eat the cake, I wash my hands and I play with Yaya."


Bluff one. πŸ˜‚

She played with her Yaya in her room for all of 5 minutes and came back to the study room.

In the meantime, Yaya has retreated back to the kitchen, as usual.
Though I heard half-hearted calls to ask the little one if she'd like to continue playing.

She asked to sit on my lap, but I explained to her that I had work to finish. Asked her to bring toys over to play instead, and she did!

I only had to try her ice cream or eat the meds from time to time. πŸ˜‚

She came over, turned my chair towards herself and kissed my tummy.

And then she looked up and asked me, "Where's Meimei's hands?"

I have no idea, but I pointed to two spots on my tummy and said, "Here!"

She placed her hands onto the two spots, smiled and said, "I like Meimei. And Mummy and Daddy. And Yaya."

I told her the same. 😊

Now lying in bed to rest while the boss has her dinner.

She actually asked her Yaya to cook fried rice tonight? πŸ˜‚

I had a super tight tummy the entire day. Tried to lie sideways for 10 minutes but the bloatedness didn't go away.

Had to sit up to take a 2-hour call.

I stood up / changed position every now and then so my back and hips won't get locked.

But there was a tingling and numb sensation in my feet that never went away, and now both feet are swollen.

Really, εΏƒζœ‰δ½™θ€ŒεŠ›δΈθΆ³. 😧

This girl never fails to crack me up.

Every night, she'd be the one asking her Yaya to make milk for her, and then we would stay in the room with her and prepare for bed.

Her Yaya would come in with the milk, she'd say good night to her and we'd turn off the lights.

She did the same tonight, but the milk came before we finished our usual bedtime routine.

We chit-chatted while I massaged her back. We sent good night voice messages to Daddy who is playing basketball tonight.

When we were done, she walked to her door and said to me, "I go ask Yaya to make milk."

I pointed at the milk bottle, which was already sitting on her bed, and laughed.

"You asked and Yaya made the milk already. You said good night to Yaya already, remember?" I reminded her.

She realised her blunder and started chuckling, "I ask Yaya to make TWO MILK!"

She giggled as she walked back to her bed to claim her bottle of milk.

I want to drink A LOT A LOT of milk!

She roared and fell backwards onto her bed with a dramatic laugh.

I laughed with her.

"Mummy, you must drink one also!" She tried to justify the second bottle of milk she nearly asked her Yaya to make.

"Mummy doesn't need to drink milk," I said to her while settling her down in bed.

She opened the bottle cover, but instead of drinking the milk immediately, she did her signature low-tone, "pretend" voice and shouted, "Yaya, can you make milk for me please?"

And then she laughed hysterically before she finally started drinking the milk.

Super goofy please. 🀣

I don't know where she got that "pretend"/play-acting voice from. She'd deliberately make her voice really low and speak about half a beat slower.

Because she sounded funny she'd usually start giggling halfway through what she was trying to say.

Basically, laughing at her own joke? πŸ˜‚

Love her cheerfulness!

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