So I had another 2am start this morning, because the little boss rolled off her bed and started crying.

She landed on the mattress beside the bed so she wasn't hurt or anything, but she wouldn't atop crying/whining.

Even after I brought her to our room and settled her beside me in bed, she continued crying.

I hugged her and asked her what happened.

"Because Mummy's not here in my bed!" She wailed. πŸ˜‚

I hugged her closer and assured her that I'm always within reach.

She eventually fell asleep in my arms and I had to wriggle my way out like a ninja.

She slept ok but no matter how she changed her position, her head was on my pillow the entire time.

She woke up just before my alarm clock rang, and was back to her usual self.

Her first question was, "Daddy haven't come home?" πŸ˜‚

Daddy has been sleeping in the study room so that I can have a better rest.
So I feel bad whenever I wake up feeling like I have not really rested.

What I've been up to

Ranges from very frivolous, random stuff to important work stuff.

I have a big project I need to pull off before I go on leave.
I pitched the idea to my boss on Tuesday, and he got really excited about it. He shared it with his boss, our VP, who also got very excited about it and said he wants to be involved in the process.

I can't wait to work on it properly too but I only have a month, and there is a LOT of stuff happening in October so now I'm a bit worried.

I don't know if I can catch the poeple I need, because most of them would be traveling in Oct.

I don't know if I can finish this project with high quality, because this is on top of my other responsibilities.

Under normal circumstances I'd be more confident but physically I'm not so sure.

I guess I'll just try my best.
The baby comes first.

I'm also trying to work out my maternity leave plans.

Right now I'm thinking of starting my leave 2 weeks before EDD.
Hopefully the baby sticks to the EDD so I have time to rest and prepare for her arrival.

I don't have enough leave to cover 6 months of absence so I'm considering to either cut it to 5 months or take no pay leave for a month.

Leaning more to the latter, because I think things would be more settled after 6 months.

To be honest I'm quite worried about leaving the baby with the helper.

I *think* she can handle the baby, but I'm not sure if she'd enjoy it.

Right now she has a lot of freedom during the day. She seems to really enjoy cooking and, erm, doing laundry.

I guess her "care" language for Clarissa is to cook good food for her, and not to play or spend time with her.

She'd buy groceries based on what Clarissa says she wants to eat, but she'd not take the initiative to play with her.

On to more frivolous stuff.

I'm planning for Clarissa's birthday celebration in school.

There is a possibility that her Meimei might be out before her birthday.
I have asked the hubs to take leave so at least one of us is there.

She has been asking me every other day whether it's her birthday that day.
So I'd ask her how she'd like to celebrate, and she'd say, "I want cake, and Daddy and Mummy celebrate with me in school."


So I have been checking out cakes and goodie bags in my free time.

I've also thought of the theme! Lol.

Over me-time lunch-time I finally carted out the Cotton on items for the 2 girls I've been browsing since yesterday.

There is a 50% discount going on, and also cashback from Shopback.

I'm sure I have bought things they don't really need, but it's kinda therapeutic.

All the clothes I bought for Meimei are like for 12-18M LOL so it'd be some time before she can wear them. Just being practical!

(Ok continue later. This is how much I can write in an hour's cab ride. Thank goodness for flat fare. πŸ˜‚)

Oops blur picture due to poor lighting.

She stuck a mole on her cheek and when I asked her where her mole was, she pointed at the other cheek instead. πŸ˜‚

Our helper told me about her naughty story with Ah-gong today.

Apparently he was in a hurry to go off so when they were about to alight, he said something like, "Ok go go go!"

Clarissa the upholder of justice and courtesy immediately declared, "This Ah-gong, very naughty!" before she got off the car. πŸ˜‚

That made Ah-gong laugh. πŸ˜†

Anyway she heard my helper recounting the incident to me, and she added her own comments:


In a tone that sounded like Ah-gong.


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