School report | 她来听我的演唱会

5am start today.

I thought she'd sleep in a little later today because she was so tired last night, but she was up before 6am and did not go back to sleep after she finished her milk.

Having Monday blues already.

It's not that I don't like my work.

It's the physical challenge I dread.

Once, we were waiting outside the meeting room for a previous meeting to end. My colleague offered me her seat while we waited.

I thanked her but said it's ok, because it'd be too much trouble for me to get up from the chair and then go into the meeting room to sit on another chair.

I laughed about it, and they all laughed.

Trying to make it look funny, but the truth is far from it.

I'm so tired of being tired.

I couldn't quite get out of bed this morning so we played on the bed.

We found another (good) use for my tummy.

The little boss turned it into a slide for her minions. So they took turns to slide down my tummy.


School report

Psycho-Social Self.

Lol at her conversation with friends.
I did not teach her that hor. 😂🙊

Especially love the parts about her joining her friends to laugh and consoling a crying friend. 😗

Physical Self.

Also demonstrated at home, where she will remove all her clothes in lightning speed and zoom out of her room declaring, "Hello everyone! I'm naked!" 😂

Communicating and Thinking Self.

Good to learn that she's speaking up to resolve problems!

She used to be so shy that I was worried about her getting bullied.


We brought her art pieces back yesterday and asked her about each of them but she couldn't remember anything. 😂



My heart feels so full looking at the picture of her carrying her super big sleeping bag.

Her Chinese teacher told me she snapped it very quickly because she looked so cute and grown up doing it.

They always try to help her with the bag because it's huge but that day she finished packing so quickly to show her teachers.

Decided to try letting her nap for an hour before her swimming lesson.

We are usually out in the mornings so she would sometimes fall asleep in the car.. for 20-30 minutes.

She might or might not nap after the swimming lesson; it's a 50:50 chance. Result is an over-tired girl at dinner time.

So we decided to let her take a nap after lunch today. The plan is to let her sleep for an hour before going for her lesson.

I wasn't sure if she would sleep but she asked for milk so I guess she was tired from waking up so early this morning.

She fell asleep, and slept quite soundly.

I was lying down on the mattress beside her until it was time to pack her swimming bag.

Deliberately pulled up the blinds and opened the door so she'd wake up naturally.

But she didn't.

Her Daddy woke up from his nap and went to wake her up.

She whined and then cried.
Refused to get up.

After some persuasion we gave up. 😂

Anyway she seems to be at an onset of a cough.. might be good to rest more.

$40 💸💸💸..

To make my money worth I was determined to let her sleep again for at least another hour. 😂

Chances are super slim, because I knew that even though she refused to get up she was already awake.

She made me hold her hand in a body contortionist position while she closed her eyes.. for perhaps the next 30 minutes.

And that was it. 😂

She got off her bed and snuggled close to me for a while.. before she started sniffing.

"What's wrong?" I asked her.

"Where's Daddy?" She sounded sad.

"Daddy is in his room," I said. "Why?"

She sat up and looked at me sadly.
"Swimming lesson. I want to go."

I had to tell her that the swimming lesson was over and she was the one who decided not to go.

Fortunately she accepted that it was her choice and was fine after another hug.


This song always gets to me, especially with age.

Very young singer from my alma mater. She lost, but I guess with many things, only time will tell.

作词: 梁文福 作曲: 黄明洲

在十七岁的初恋 第一次约会
半年的积蓄 买了门票一对

我唱得她心醉 我唱得她心碎 
三年的感情 一封信就要收回
嘿 陪人们流泪

在二十五岁恋爱 是风光明媚
她不听电话 夜夜听歌不睡

我唱得她心醉 我唱得她心碎 
嘿 陪着流眼泪

我唱得她心醉 我唱得她心碎 
嘿 谁在远走高飞

我唱得她心醉 我唱得她心碎 
嘿 唱到自己流泪

身边的男人 早已渐渐入睡

她静静听着 我们的演唱会

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