Little boss’ self composed song

I'm working in the study room while Clarissa is in her room with her Yaya, singing at the top of her voice.

A new song she has just composed, sung to the tune of "Row row row your boat", with some adjustments to the tune to fit in more lyrics.

Here it goes:

Row row row your boat,
Gently down the stream.

If you see a Ah-ah-gong,
Don't forget to say~ Naughty Ah-gong!


So naughty but so funny lah.

Since the PTM she has been more open to sitting on the toilet bowl and would request to use her child toilet seat with steps from time to time.

Most of the time it's a fluke.
Sit for fun one. 😂

But just now she told me she wanted to poop so I opportunistically asked her if she'd like to use the toilet bowl.

And she said yes!

So I brought her to the toilet and set up the seat while she took off her pants and diapers.

She sat on it and chit chatted with us.

👧: Are you really pooping?

👶: Yah. The poop is on the way. Coming down already.


Sure enough she pooped! Into the toilet bowl!


Sorry if I sound like I'm 大惊小怪 but this is the first time it has ever happened!

We've been trying to get her to sit on the potty for the longest time but she's always refused and we didn't want to force her.

Omg so happy lah.

Our cheeky little composer obliged when I asked her to sing her new song for me. 😅

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