34 weeks

According to the app, the baby is now the size of a🍍; approximately 50cm tall and weighs 2kg.

Haha but xbb was already 1.9-2.1kg at 32 weeks?

I really felt like I was going to explode.
Tummy is tight on top, heavy below and back/hips/pelvic bone giving way.

It's already 7pm and I'm still on my way home.

My dad kept me entertained today sending me pictures of their selfies with captions and videos of her funny antics.

The second picture really cracked me up. What is he doing? 😂😆

It's very sweet to see the power of the little one on their grand-dads, because he'd never do something like this with us when we were kids.

Even my FIL, who's always stern even with Clarissa. I once heard him asking his relatives if they are going to have a granddaughter soon, because 你看我的孙女酱漂亮. 😅😂

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