DIY Maternity Shoot

The little one cried suddenly in the middle of the night, at 220am.

"I want Daddy, I don't want Yaya!"

Daddy was doing bedtime duty last night and it took some time for her to fall asleep because she had a 3 hour nap after her swim.

Our helper went into the room to sleep but the little one wanted her Daddy to stay with her.

I guess she was still worried about not having Daddy sleeping beside her?

I went into her room to check on her and realised that she was crying with her eyes closed.

She continued sleeping after the outburst so I left the room.

But a minute later she was crying loudly.

I went back to her room.

Our helper was sitting on her bed, passively calling Clarissa's name from a distance, while the little girl cried until she was coughing.

She was awake by now, her face wet with tears. She saw me and asked, "Where's Papa? I want Papa."

I told her gently that Daddy was sleeping already and asked if she'd like to sleep with me instead.

I couldn't lower myself to sit on her bed because my pelvic bone was hurting.

She immediately sat up, took her Mama duck and bolster, and followed me to our room.

Tried to settle her in bed but she sat up again.

"Can I bring my toys?" She asked in a small voice. "Can you come with me?"

So we went back to her room where she grabbed her Minnie mouse, a rattler and a heart shaped sticker. 😂

Satisfied, she lay down on my pillow and eventually fell back asleep.

And so we slept squeezed on one side of the bed sharing one pillow, until she woke up at nearly 7am, smiling.


Yep, still a little girl. 😊

DIY Maternity Shoot

So about two weeks ago, I decided on what to get for the sibling gift.

I want it to be something she'd like and yet can keep for a long time.

Something she'd like = Surprise eggs, toys.. which would probably not be something she can keep for a long time.

The best of both worlds would be a bag with a personalised tag, filled with goodies and toys she'd like.

And it can keep her occupied in the hospital too!

I wanted the personalised tag to capture her interaction with Meimei, ie my bump, because she's been so sweet about it.

I've taken random pictures of her touching and kissing my tummy but they are not aesthetically nice. 😂

For example, I really like this one but her hair.. 😅😂

I'm not a bumpfie person so no point paying to do a professional photo shoot.

So I googled images of maternity photo shoots and asked the hubs if he could replicate similar angles.

Like this.

Image E.

Or this.

Image C or D.

The only other 'art direction' I gave to him was that I didn't want my face in the photo, just bump and little boss.

He probably thought I was being boliao but he agreed to take the photos anyway. 😅

The first attempt didn't go so well.

The hubs wanted to make it quick with the phone camera because we were heading out.

The bubs was cranky and just wanted to go out.

So we tried again the next day, with my semi-DSLR.

She was willing to cooperate, but on the condition that she got to take some photos with the camera on her own. 😂

First, a test shot by the bubs to confirm our deal. 😂🤣

Had to convince her that she'd get to use the camera after Daddy took photos with her and Meimei.

We took only 5-6 pictures in less than 5 minutes and they all turned out quite nice.

The hubs gave her some instructions like "kiss Meimei", "look at mummy", "turn your head and look at daddy and smile", and she executed them with excellence lol.


With Meimei @33 weeks and 5 days.

Love this.

And then she decided she had enough of modeling and it was her turn to be the photographer.

We thought she was simply going to take random photos but she took the camera, hung the strap over her neck, and said to her Daddy:

Ok Daddy, now you go and lie down and kiss Mummy's tummy.

I nearly died laughing but we obliged because we promised and she's the boss. 😂

A lot of bedsheet but she got us into the frame. 😅

We quickly took the camera back before she took more pictures of our bedsheet.


And then she took over again and said she wanted to take pictures of the two of us.

I wasn't expecting to be in the photos so I did not have any makeup or even foundation on.
The hubs was down with flu that day so we both looked quite cui. 😂

She took about 8 of these shots with varying areas of bedsheet. 😅😂

And that was it, DIY maternity shoot in 15 minutes.

Good fun for the toddler/boss before she welcomes her deputy chief. 😆