My day started at 4am, when I woke up for no reason in particular.

Drifted in and out of sleep and had a weirdly sad dream before the little boss zoomed in at 610am with her Minnie Mouse.

She joined me in bed and started to make Minnie Mouse kiss me on my cheeks several times. πŸ˜†

After finishing her milk, she herself turned to me from time to time and said, "Mummy, I kiss you ok?"

And then she kissed me a few times on my cheeks and once on my lips.

Lol so affectionate.

Oh and she was singing a series of made up songs to the tune of "if you are happy and you know it".

"If you are happy and know it, stamp your feet. Stamp Stamp!

"If you are angry angry angry, stomp your feet. Stomp Stomp!"

"If you are scared scared scared, say Oh no. OH! NO!"


I managed to unpack the pump spare parts I bought, and got some administrative stuff, ie monthly bank transfers, bill payments, done.

Redmart delivery also arrived with my massive order of toiletries and sanitary pads. Very pleased to find that they now carry Gaia too so I bought baby bath and powder for xbb.

I wanted to start packing the hospital bag but I felt more and more breathless.

So I was mostly in bed in the afternoon lying on my side and taking deep breaths. πŸ˜₯

It got better and reduced to just palpitations.

But I was breathless again when I got up to say hello to my FIL who dropped by with 2 fishes and 2 boxes of bao.

He asked me why I wasn't working. πŸ€”πŸ˜“

I told him I'm on MC.

He said, "δ½ θ‡ͺε·±η…§ι‘Ύθ‡ͺε·±" and then left with our helper to pick Clarissa up.

Tough love?

And my friend dropped by earlier when I was in bed to leave this with my helper.

I've always wanted to try this Castella cake and causally mentioned it to her before. But I was put off by the queue so I never got to buying it.

I'd closed my room door so I didn't know she was here.
She only texted me after that.
I thought she didn't know I was home so I told her I was actually resting in bed.

But she knew and I guess she deliberately dropped by quickly so I didn't have to get up?

So blessed to have friends who are so nice and thoughtful!

I found out that Redmart also carries Peppa Pig surprise eggs so I got one for her.

I placed it on my bedside table to let her discover it on her own, and she let out a surprised squeal when she saw it.

She said she'd open it only after dinner and she really kept her word.

She came to lie down with me in bed. 😍

After a while she got off the bed and went outside to look for her Yaya.

"Yaya can you play with me?" She asked before turning back to me.
"Mummy, nobody play with you now. I change to Yaya!"


But she came back after 5 minutes and we spent the next 1.5 hours talking and telling stories.

And she has deliberately pushed her high chair slightly away from the dining table so she can see me more clearly while she eats?


πŸ‘§: Clarissa, it's Daddy's birthday this Sunday, you know?

πŸ‘Ά: Daddy's birthday is October! Clarissa's birthday also October.

πŸ‘§: Yes, Daddy's birthday before Clarissa's birthday.

πŸ‘Ά: So Daddy's birthday, and then Yaya's son's birthday and then Clarissa's birthday!

(Yes our helper's son's birthday is indeed in October and she remembers.)

πŸ‘Ά: Mummy's birthday is September! Then Meimei's birthday leh?

πŸ‘§: Meimei's birthday is supposed to be in November but now it'd be in October.

πŸ‘Ά: So Daddy, October. Clarissa, October. Meimei, October. Only Mummy, September!

πŸ‘§: Yes, only Mummy's birthday is in September. So lonely right?

πŸ‘Ά: Hey actually you know Mama duck's birthday is in September?

πŸ‘§: Oh really?

πŸ‘Ά: Yes! And Papa duck also! September! So you can celebrate together!

I love her so much.


Last night, with Wai-gong.

They were sitting side by side leaning against each other, talking while I had my dinner.

πŸ‘¨: So what did the doctor tell Mummy?

πŸ‘Ά: Doctor say rest in bed!

πŸ‘¨: (Teasing her) No, doctor said, (Sings the tune) no more jumping on the bed!

πŸ‘Ά: (Tilted her head back to look up at Wai-gong with a frown) No, I don't think so?

My dad was very amused by her.


The hubs is out for dinner with his friends tonight, so the bubs is bunking in with me to make bedtime duty easier for me.

Before she drank her milk, we gave him a video call.

πŸ‘Ά: Daddy why are you outside?

πŸ‘¦: I'm having dinner with my friends.

πŸ‘Ά: Daddy, can you show me your friends?

(Daddy turns his phone around to show her each of his friends. πŸ˜‚ She in turn waves a shy hello to them.)

πŸ‘Ά: Daddy, why you never show Mummy your friends?

πŸ‘§: It's ok, Mummy knows Daddy's friends!


Hahahaha super bossy lah.

Still have to see proof that Daddy is with his friends? πŸ˜‚

We said good night and got off the phone.

πŸ‘Ά: Mummy, why Daddy never come home for dinner? Why huh?

πŸ‘§: Because his friend is here so they are all meeting for dinner.

πŸ‘Ά: Who are Daddy's friends? Who huh?

And she made me name each of his friends! πŸ˜‚
Actually I don't know who went exactly so I randomly said a few names.

πŸ‘Ά: Orh.

The boss is satisfied. πŸ˜…


As she finished her milk, she turned to try to sleep.

Less than a minute later, she opened her eyes and looked at me.

"Later when I wake up, I go Taiwan," she said to me with a wide smile.

Daddy has been asking her if she'd like to go on a holiday with him to Taiwan next year.

Looks like it's a yes. 😊