Interesting morning because the hubs and the bubs were on a sugar high. 😂

The little boss came into our room at 330am, holding a plastic egg with 2 toys in it and her Mama duck.

The hubs was asleep, and snoring.

I asked the little one to close her eyes and go back to sleep, but she kept tossing and turning with the egg in her hand, making a pretty loud rattling sound each time she turned.

And the hubs' snoring (which was light enough for me to sleep through the past 3 hours) grew louder and louder.

Despite me kicking him once and asking him to change his position.

So the two of them played in an orchestra for an hour.

Until the little boss could take it no more, she sat up and whispered to her Daddy:

Daddy, stop snoring!


And then she turned to rest her head pointing towards the end of the bed instead.. and eventually fell asleep.


Too much sugar issit. 😂

(The PV cupcakes are pretty good, but I find the frosting on top a little too sweet.

It might be because I usually remove the cream on top when I eat cupcakes so I don't quite know how sweet it can get.

So I skipped the cream part too.

Still, I think it's better than the other popular franchise!)

It's been a pretty productive day.

I managed to:
✅ Go through all my emails
✅ Send a partial handover email to my boss
✅ Put together the sibling gift for Clarissa
✅ Pack part of the hospital bag
✅ Write to-do list for the hubs and helper
✅ Call to enquire about school bus service for Clarissa

I did these in spurts.

Obviously still can't sit for too long, so I went back to bed every now and then.

Managed to catch the rerun of Coffee Prince on cable and also took an hour's nap.

Perhaps one of the better days because on some days I really can only lie down in bed.

For tomorrow, I hope I can do the other part of the handover, finish packing the hospital bag, and clean up my bedside table (since it would become my pumping station soon).


This one came home with baos from Ah-gong but told me she said hello and did fist pump with Ah-gong but didn't say thank you and goodbye.

I asked her why, she said, "Because I'm grumpy." 😅

Our helper told me she was uncharacteristically quiet thoughout the car ride and while they were waiting for the lift she told our helper not to talk to her because she's tired. 🙊🙊

I guess someone needs to go to bed earlier tonight.

She was still very sweet to me though.

Pulled her chair into the room to eat her bun with me and even brought 2 pieces of wet wipes with her, one for herself and one for me.

I kept wincing in pain suddenly while in bed with her. I've been getting this sharp jolt type of pain in my pelvic area and it's super painful.

She looked very concerned every time and would ask me, "Is it your tummy painful? Is it Meimei pushing you? Hey Meimei, don't push Mummy!"

She even put her hand on my forehead and asked me if I was ok.



I'd casually mentioned to her that babies like playing peekaboo because it makes them laugh.

So she's been playing peekaboo in front of my tummy.

"Peek-a-BOO Meimei!" She'd cover her eyes with both hands and then reveal her smiling face before breaking out into very bright laughter.

"Is Meimei laughing?" She'd ask.


And of course I'd say yes, Meimei is laughing, hahaha. 😄