Photo albums and a bit of everything

To-do this morning: Sort out photos and slot them into albums.

I ordered 500 prints more than 6 months ago but left the entire package on my desk, untouched.

I have way more photos in my phone and computer but it's always nice to have some physical copy to flip through so I printed our holiday photos.

200 down, 300 more to sort and slot! 😬

Brunch first. 😋

My mum also bought enough vegetables to last us for weeks, roller coaster, and a few magazines for me to read so I won't be bored.

I think my helper must be thinking how it runs in the family, ie we like to buy in bulk. 😂

Because Sim alerted me to a very good diaper deal on qoo10, I ordered 2 cartons of diapers in size S for xbb.

Prior to this I've already ordered 2 packs of NB size and 2 packs of S size on separate occasions because there was some promotion on Redmart.

I usually buy diapers in cartons because it's a better deal.

So the 2 cartons arrived on Wednesday night.

It was nearly 10pm so we signed for it and left the 2 boxes at the the living room entrance.

No hurry, the helper can always put them away in the morning.

But morning came, afternoon left and night fell.

The two boxes remained right where they were, at the entrance, just centimetres away from the open door.

I'm not sure why, but I thought maybe she thought she shouldn't touch the boxes.. although it's quite apparent they contain diapers.

So this morning I causally asked her to please put the boxes away.

She said, oh there is no more space in the storeroom.

Which is quite true, but nothing that cannot be fixed with some shifting around. The storeroom is quite full but it isn't exactly bursting.

Even if it were bursting, it'd probably be more appropriate to move the boxes in, and stack them outside the storeroom instead of showing the world everytime we open our main door, that oh hey we have 2 carton boxes of Pampers Size S? 🤔

So I told her it's ok if she really can't find space but please move them inside.

It took her less than 10 minutes to rearrange everything and the 2 boxes are now sitting nicely inside the storeroom with ample space for someone to step inside to retrieve stuff.

So I don't understand.

Is it a silent protest against bulk buying? 😂

Oops I'm going to do it again.

Only 2 packs of pants left for the little boss.

And why is it cheaper to buy 4 single packs than to buy 1 carton of 4? 🤔

Back from school with a packet of biscuits from her classmate's birthday celebration.

I was lying in bed after a back-breaking day slotting 500 photos.

She wanted to eat her biscuits so I asked her to sit outside at the coffee table.

"Nobody sit with me," she said after she stepped outside for a short while.

"Okok I'll come with you," I said.

I pulled out her little chair with my foot. "Ok can you sit on the chair now?"

She knew I was going to sit on the sofa behind her so she said:

Why don't I sit on the sofa instead?

"Why don't I"?

Haha wow.

Sometimes she sounds so grown up.

There was once I asked her if I could sit on the chair, and she told me:

Go ahead!

Or sometimes when I say "Bless you!" after she sneezes, she'd reply very coolly:



A few days ago I was playing with her and teasing her by tickling her tummy.

She grabbed my hand and placed it back to my side.

She was still laughing from the tickle but said to me quite seriously:

Mummy, keep your hands to yourself please!

I did not teach her that!


The boss approves of the photo albums. 😁

She went through the photos a few times.

"I want to go again!" She'd say.. for almost everything. 😅

"I want to bring Meimei next time!"


She came across the photos we took in Japan and London, and noticed she wasn't in the photos. 😅

"How come Clarissa not here? Where is Clarissa?"


I said she was at home and she even asked who she was at home with.

👶: Why Daddy look so sad here?

👧: Because he missed Clarissa.

(True story!)

👶: Next time I go together lor.


Yes yes baby.