Dyson, New TV and Sleeping habits

Mummy's market is happening from yesterday to tomorrow, about the same time 3 years ago (and every year in fact).

I remember doing tons of research and planning the route and booths to visit, and spending a long time there.

Came out breaking our backs and bank. 😂

For xbb, I bought almost everything online. 😅

Except for furniture.

So today instead of Mummy's market we headed out for lunch at the nearby mall because I wanted to check out the Dyson hair dryer.


She wanted to wear a cap like us.

We went to our usual hunt at DTF, and I shared half a plate of fried rice with the little boss.
She finished everything!
This is why I love bringing her here.

But the hubs had to buy her 2 surprise eggs because he finished the last piece of the crispy prawn pancake which she'd wanted to save for herself.

It was my bad, because I was the one who asked him to go ahead.
I didn't think she was going to eat the last piece because she already had 3 pieces, on top of half a plate of fried rice. 😂

We headed to Courts after that, and as expected the hubs was shocked by the price. 😂

He kept asking different sales people what the difference is, lol.

The helpful ones would talk about the technology, and say things like it has the best review etc. And the less helpful ones would say, oh actually it's all the same – they dry your hair. Hahahaha wtf.

So the hubs said it's up to me, because I'd already planned to use the Visa debit card from my service award and vouchers to fully pay for it.

He walked away to the TV section to watch TV.

And the little one followed suit.

She kept marvelling at seeing Nemo on TV. 🤣

And then, the hubs bought a TV set.


The same way he bought the $3K Rainbow purifier/cleaner, 3 years ago. 😅

The sales person talked, demo-ed.. And he bought it.

It is a very good deal and our current TV is really old so I think it's the right decision.

But what sorcery is this! 😅

He didn't decide to buy just like that, of course.

He asked questions, asked for even better deals, deliberated about it.. And then asked his little boss if he should buy the TV.

The little boss said yes.
Because now she can watch Peppa Pig on TV. 😅

So random and so #yolo. 😅

Went to check out hair dryers and walked out with said hair dryer AND a new TV set.

The hubs paid $9 for the hair dryer lol, after paying with the debit card, vouchers from cordlife and vouchers from buying the TV set.
(Because vouchers are in $10s and he didn't want to waste a dollar. 😅)

Thank you, Hubs.
Thank you, Company.
Thank you, Vouchers.
For contributing to my somewhat frivolous buy.
I'll use it well. 😁

I was telling Clarissa, "Today, Daddy bought a TV. Mummy bought a hair dryer. And Clarissa?"

"Clarissa bought a surprise egg!" She continued happily.



So the hubs came back into our room about 10 minutes into bedtime duty.

The little one wasn't sleeping yet so he told her he'd take a shower first before going back to her room.

It's the second time he's done this, so I didn't think too much about it.

The first time he stepped out to shower while leaving her alone in the room, I was very surprised that she was ok with it.

But she really waited for him alone in the dark and fell asleep after he went back to her room.

She has been sleeping in her own room since she was around 3 months old? Maybe even younger, I need to scroll back to check.

Prior to that she was sleeping with one of us in our room on our bed, because we took different shifts to look after her at night so whoever's on duty would sleep with her while the one who's not on duty would sleep in another room.

Back then my mum told me it was a bad idea. Something about it not being good for the baby because adults would 'suck' energy from the baby? And also how disrupted sleep would be for everyone.

But she couldn't give me a solution so we left it as that.

Until my first mastitis attack.

I was totally not functional, shivering and having fever and all.

The hubs asked my mum if she could stay over to help, and she did.

She put Clarissa in the cot to sleep, and slept on the bed beside the cot.

We realised that she slept fine, so we continued doing that after i recovered.

I'd go to her room around 5-6am to give her a morning feed and also to pump.

So she was technically sleeping on her own for a few months before the helper came.

After the helper came, they slept in separate rooms for a while.. but the little boss started trying to climb out of the cot?!

So my mum started nagging for the helper to sleep in the same room.

We gave in due to safety reasons.

The helper gradually took over bedtime duties.

She'd sing and pat Clarissa to sleep.

And then Clarissa became older and started requesting that i stayed with her too so I did.

I asked the helper not to sing and pat her to sleep, because it was about time she learned to sleep on her own.

She didn't really listen to me and continued doing the same thing.. but Clarissa started rejecting her anyway.

So bedtime duty became really just lying down with her until she fell asleep.

Our current helper has never done bedtime duty with her lol. She's never offered to, and I've never asked.
She usually goes into the room after Clarissa falls asleep.

While it gets tiring on some nights, I think it's a good time to unwind and bond with her, just lying beside her and making her feel safe.

So she's ok sleeping in her own room, as long as she's, well, sleeping.

When she wakes up and finds herself alone, she'd usually cry.

I've started telling her it's really ok even if she finds herself alone, because she can always walk out of her room to look for anyone of us, because we'd never leave her alone at home.

So she's started doing that recently.

She woke up at 6am yesterday and ran into our room very quickly.

I could hear panick in her footsteps but she opened the door and immediately declared, "Mummy, I run here I never cry."

And she totally forgot to bring her Mama duck along, which made me want to cry.

Because she must have been so scared and so focused about getting out of her room without crying that she forgot to bring her precious Mama duck along.

I went back to her room to get it for her. I realised she was scared because it was still very dark and our helper was sleeping.

(Usually our helper gets up to bring her to our door.)

In her panick she'd dropped Mama duck on the floor. 😭

Aww my heart.
She was trying her best to be brave.

She did it again this afternoon.

The hubs and I were chilling in our room, and suddenly we heard her say, "I never cry!"

And there she was, already standing by our bedside with Mama duck in her hand.

Oops very long back story.
I realised I've not written much about her sleeping habits and quirks.

Back to tonight.

We both thought she'd be ok but less than a minute later, I heard her crying very loudly from her room.

I got up as quickly as I could (Back and hips died again after the shopping trip) and she was about to open her room door holding her Mama duck and bolster when I got to her.

And she was crying so hard.

She kept crying while walking to our room.. until she was coughing so badly she threw up.

Mostly phlegm and some milk, but she was obviously shaken.

After she calmed down, I told her I thought she said ok when Daddy said he was stepping out to bathe.

In a very small voice, she said, "Nobody sleep with me. I thought Daddy locked the door."

We cleaned her up and got her changed.

"I don't want to sleep there, I want to sleep here with Mummy," she continued in her very small voice.

We said ok and soon she was settled in the hubs' side of the bed.

👶: Why Daddy sleep outside?

👧: So you can have more space. Poor Daddy right?

She smiled sheepishly.

And then I went to the toilet and Daddy stayed with her.

Heard the following banter:

👶: Daddy, you sleeping alone in the study room?

👦: I wanted to sleep here lor!

👶: Huh then I cry how?

Who can outtalk her?

But I guess she's back to normal.

I held her hand while she tried to sleep, and asked her if she was scared just now.

She said yes she was scared because a monster was chasing her and it was so dark.


Hope she sleeps tight tonight.

I'm neutral about sleep training or co-sleeping.

I think the bottom line is, whatever the method or arrangement, both parents and child(ren) get as much sleep and as uninterrupted as possible.

So I don't mind lying down with her to watch her sleep.

I don't like the idea of co-sleeping all the time though, especially if the baby is not sleeping through the night yet, because both me-time and sleep definitely get disrupted.

Nowadays she sleeps ok when she's with me, and I love watching her sleep.

But I feel like I'm the one disturbing her because I'm not sleeping through the night, waking up so many times, always trying to turn/flip and getting to use the toilet. 😥

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