Barely functional today because I had a horrible night.

I thought I could fall asleep after the hubs helped to massage the knots in my hips, back, shoulders (yeah basically almost everywhere) away.

But no.

My tummy was super bloated and hard.. which was strange because I didn't eat a lot yesterday – I'd shared both my lunch and dinner with Clarissa.

I eventually went to sleep just slightly before 2am..

And woke up at 249am wtf.

I was tired but wide awake from then on because my tummy was hurting so much.

The thing about being pregnant is that you'd get many different sensations in your tummy.

Sometimes it's the need-to-poop kinda pain. Sometimes it's gas. Sometimes it's the baby squirming and pushing against the walls of your tummy. Sometimes it's Braxton Hicks. And sometimes, as I've recently learned, it's contractions.

So last night it felt like all of the above.

I went to the toilet but there was nothing.

I tried to time the interval between each attack but it was irregular.

I kept changing my position but the baby would squirm the other way.

I was too distracted by the pain to even Dayre.

So I ended up just wincing in pain every 10 minutes until nearly 5am, when I eventually managed to fall asleep in a half propped up position.

But I woke up every 30 minutes to flip myself because the tummy and hips would start getting uncomfortable again.

It's quite a lonely feeling, because it's your own pain to bear, and there's pretty much nothing you, or anyone, can do, except to ride it out.

I used to have really bad insomnia when I had Clarissa. I'd wake up for no reason and stay awake reading/looking at my phone.

Back then the hubs would say, next time wake me up!

I appreciated the offer but I'd never woken him up in the middle of the night, because there was no point in having two sleep-deprived people in the house.

Now that I think about it, that was quite a sweet and romantic notion lol.

No such grand offer anymore, three years down the road.

More distracted, more exhausted, more practical, and all of the above.

Daddy duty.

He wasn't allowed to be less than 1cm away from her while watching cartoons together. 😂

So I get WhatsApp updates like this while they sit in the living room and I lie down in bed.

Is it phobia from last night? 😂

👦: Clarissa, what do you want to have for lunch?

👶: Erm.. fries!

👦: 2 options only! Chicken rice, or porridge?

👶: Fries! (Cheeky smile) French fries!

👦: Cannot lah. 2 options! Chicken rice or Fries?

Good try, baby.

The weather is so hot today she said she can't open her eyes. 😂

Indeed this hot and humid weather is making things worse for me.

Already sleep-deprived, bloated and sian in general, it's too hard to stay cool, literally and figuratively.

#ootd is swimming costume from cotton on kids.

👧: Clarissa, your swimming costume is very nice hor?

👶: Yah. Coach is going to say, wah so pretty! Like that.

Mummy self praise, daughter also self praise.

Earlier today, the hubs was marvelling over how nicely he has tied her hair.

👦: Clarissa, you look so pretty!

👶: No lah, Daddy you so handsome.


The original plan was to "play for a while at Wai-po's place" before heading home for milk and nap.

But she changed her mind and decided to stay.

So we #yolo.

Here she is, dipping biscuit into milo as taught by Daddy and enjoying it. 😂

On our way home we drove past quite a few people walking their dogs.

👶: Mummy are you scared of dogs?

👧: Yes I'm scared.

👶: Ok I'll ask them to go away.

👶: Daddy are you scared of dogs?

👦: No I'm not.

👶: Then can you protect Mummy?

👦: Ok. Do I need to protect you too?

👶: Erm no? I'm not scared.

👶: Is Yaya scared of dogs?

👧: I don't think so. She used to take care of dogs at home.

👶: We also have dog at home!

👧: Oh is it?

👶: Yes! It's in my room!

Yes, her toy dog. 😂


No nap today so she's fast asleep in bed by 830pm!

Hope she sleeps soundly until morning!

And my tummy is as bloated now as when it was in the morning.
In fact, the entire day. And I don't know why. 😥