Monday, again

So last night I could take it no more, after trying to change my lying down positions 100x and rubbing my tummy 10000x.

I felt a tummy ache (the wanna poop kind) twice and went to the toilet.
The pain actually sent chills down my spine but I couldn't even let out gas. #tmi

The second time I went, it was worse.
I had tummy ache, almost like the gonna have diarrhoea kind, and on top of that the baby movement and contraction kind of pain.

It was so bad I thought something was going to come out from my pelvic bone.

I went through a few waves of this intense pain before it was over and I could stand up again.

And all these while, nothing came out at all and my tummy was rock hard.

So I got out of the bathroom and walked to my wardrobe to change into an even looser t-shirt.

And then I sat down on the bed and started bawling.

I guess I just didn't know what the universe wanted from me.

The hubs just stood in front of me, and said something similar to what's in the 👆 poster except the part about coffee and 5 million dollars, while hugging me and wiping my tears and snot off.

Made me peppermint tea and gave me a peppermint oil massage.

I felt better after everything, including the bawling.

In retrospect I don't think I went through very complex emotions. I really, simply didn't know what to do with myself and the tummy that has been bloated for 2 days.

I went to bed at 11ish, woke up at 3 and couldn't go back to sleep.

But the bloatedness had somewhat subsided so I was ok.

The little boss woke up at 7am. 😉

And so it's the start of another week.

I'm quite shocked to find that I gained 1kg since last week!

I thought I've not been eating as much.

Shuddering to think of the doctor's visit this Thursday, and the delivery if xbb really decides to party in my tummy until 40w. If she gains 300g each week, she'd be nearly 4kg at 40w?

Managed to start working on my work project!

I could only manage to sit and focus for 1.5h-2h with a few stretching breaks in between so I didn't do much.

But I guess it's good to be at least doing something.

My boss didn't ask me to do anything beyond granting the team access to all the documents, and I didn't promise him anything either.

Just want to try doing whatever I can.

In other news, we got tickets for the Jacky Cheung Classic Concert next year!

I'm actually not a "fan" fan but I love his songs in that era, the era where I grew up.

We have no connections whatsoever except that today is the presale day for Starhub subscribers and so my JC buddy and his wife managed to snag the tickets for us with pure grit and some luck.

This shall be my Vday present to the hubs and myself.

Got the postnatal massage package together with the confinement nanny package.

There are 9 sessions in all so I thought I could use 2 for prenatal massage.

Finally got a call back this morning on the appointment timing and it's for today at 2pm.

But no complaints because they sent someone really good so it was a good and super on-point 1-hour massage.

I was trying to look for a "WTF" sticker but obviously could not find any.

So I'll make do with this.

In yet another news today, the hubs told me he received a call from Hong Kong this afternoon.


It was from our previous helper.

The gist of it wtf.

When she left, I'd thought very seriously about blacklisting her.

I even went to find out how to blacklist.

But I didn't do it, because I thought, forget it. Let it go.

And anyway she'd told me she would never want to work as a domestic helper overseas anymore.

I guess I never learn my lesson, because I *kinda* believed her.

I've always known of her intention to work in HK and have even asked my friend who resides there, about the working conditions for domestic helpers.

Just so she makes an informed decision.

The pay in HK is definitely higher, but yes, food is not provided and sometimes not even a proper bed is provided because there is simply no space.

I shared all these with her but I guess she's the sort who needs to experience her own mistakes. And she might or might not learn from them.

I'm sorry but not sorry to say that I sniggered at the "no free food" part.

So I told the hubs that luckily for her she chose to call him instead.

Because of I'd have replied, "No free food? BUT CAN USE PHONE ALL DAY EVERYDAY RIGHT?"

(Recalling her famous words, that she does not need to be treated like family. SHE ONLY NEEDS HER PHONE.)

I'm actually no longer angry with her, because she did do a good job with Baby Clarissa, at least before she got addicted to her phone and meeting weird guys online.

She's taught me an important life lesson, that we should still always treat our helper well but we should never, ever assume that it'd make them feel like we are family.

I've also learned that there'd be no perfect helper because people have different strengths, and that's ok.

But I wish she'd leave us alone, and move on.

I guess the conditions in HK must have been bad enough for her to break her contract.

Before us she used to work in Malaysia and it was super tough, but she sucked it up and finished the 2 years.

Perhaps she called because she genuinely wanted to know how Clarissa is doing.

But she also asked the hubs if we found a new helper, and told him she intends to come back to work in Singapore next year.

I guess she might be trying to see if there's any opportunity for her?

The hubs said he was hostile to her. Hahaha and I thought (and perhaps she did too) he'd be the nicer one.

He basically asked her why she called and told her Clarissa is "growing up". 😂

He told me he wasted 2 minutes of his time talking to her.

She can do whatever she wants, but I definitely don't want her to come looking for Clarissa and I have no desire to see her or hear about her regrets.

So.. Should we blacklist her, or not?

Dinner tonight was fried rice so I scooped a bowl and sat on the sofa to eat with the little boss sitting beside me.

After I finished eating, I spent some time trying to get up so I could return the bowl to the kitchen.

She put her little hand on my back to give me a gentle push, and started cheering for me, a little too enthusiastically:

Go Mummy Go!
加油加油加油! Go go go!


Cannot 加 too much ok.
Later too fat.