Deepavali celebration in school today!

#ootd is supposed to be traditional costume.

Her Xiaogugu bought this for her, for this year's CNY. But it was too big for her back in January.

I can't remember if it came with pants, and I can't seem to find them anywhere in her drawers.

So I matched the top with skinny jeans.

I asked if she wanted to bring Panda to school, so she can be Kungfu Panda lol.. but she opted to bring Baby Duck.

Also holding on to a bag of goodies to be shared with her friends.

So she trotted off to school with a duck in one hand and a paper bag in another. 😁

I went to bed before 11pm last night because I was feeling woozy from the massage.

But as expected I woke up at 1230am, and then 3am.

The little boss came into our room at 310am!? Holding her Mama duck and an egg lol.

She didn't say a word at all and tossed and turned trying to fall back asleep again.

She eventually found the sweet spot – with her head on my tummy. 😂

I was lying sideways facing her so I guess it was convenient.

I could feel Meimei protesting lol.

She then proceeded to put her feet up on Daddy's back. 😂😂

Luckily she only stayed in this position for 10-15 minutes before she slided off (the human pillow was too high?) and snuggled close to me, using my arm as her bolster.

I eventually went back to sleep at 6? And then we were all up at 7am.

Good morning, it's Tuesday!

37 weeks

Not much to update since we are only going to see the doctor on Thursday.

The only thing I want to say is that the weather is shite.

I had 2 fans blasting at me this morning and still I was sweating.
I had to take a shower.

After lunch I could take it no more.
Turned on the aircon.

I wanted to take a nap because I was tired.
Napped for 15 minutes and woke up because I was sweating.

And the little little one was pushing all the way to my right so my tummy was hilariously lopsided.

Lol Frozen surprise egg from Redmart.

I left it on the coffee table for her to discover.

She ran into the room holding the egg like this, asking, "Mummy is this for me?"

I said yes.

She said, "Thank you Mummy for buying the surprise egg!"

I love how polite she is. 😁

And then I heard her telling her Yaya, "This one is the frozen egg you know?"

I was shopping online for a laundry basket for Meimei and ended up buying two because they look cute.

Blue for Jiejie, green for Meimei.

She loves it lol.

"I'm going to put eggs inside!" She said. 😂🤣

Even though I've told her it's for her laundry.

I was lying sideways on my right, playing with her.

But it got uncomfortable so I told her I had to turn to my left for a while.

"But nobody facing me," she told me sadly.

I told her I can still turn to look at her when she calls me.

So she tested it out by suddenly calling "Mummy!"

And I'd turn quickly with a "Yes!"

She somehow found it very, very funny (see, laugh until…)… And kept on doing it. 😂

"Mummy, want to take picture? I can do naughty face and happy face!"


For some reason she thought it was fun / funny to mess up my hair and to cover my face with it.

She didn't allow me to sweep my hair back into place!

👧: Why you bully me?

👶: Because I want to billy* you!

👧: Can you bully Daddy instead?

👦: Come, bully me!

👶: No! I can only bully one person!

*mispronounced lol