Home with the boss on Deepavali | Dyson Supersonic Unboxed!

The situation right now.


I have a small baby in front, in my tummy, and a big baby behind, lying on my back. πŸ™„πŸ˜’

And I need to pee. Urgently. πŸ˜•

Ok successfully managed to peel myself off and use my bolster as a substitute. πŸ˜‚

She took some time to fall asleep so I didn't want her to wake up so soon.

Too excited about her little Gor-gor coming to play with her tonight.

Hubs working today so it's just me and her.

This morning she told me she drew a lollipop.

Finally drawing something that resembles something. πŸ˜†

Close-up of said lollipop.

Cheeky as usual.

Asked her to clean her nose with the tissue paper but she stuck it to her nose with the mucus instead.

I wanted to do some work while she played in the study room but it was impossible.

Started to feel breathless so I went to lie down on the bed while watching her play.

And then she came to join me.

"Excuse me Mummy? You are taking up too much space. I got no space!" She said while edging closer and closer to me.

Excuse me? I came here first hor. πŸ˜’

She took this selfie while I held on to the phone.

So tired today because I woke up every hour since 2am last night and eventually got up at 4ish because I couldn't go back to sleep.

But then again, what's new?

Managed to nap a bit so hopefully I'll have some energy later!

Look who's up!

Not bad, napped for nearly 3 hours.
She woke up because I couldn't stifle my sneeze. πŸ˜…

I lay down on the other side of the bed after I came back from the toilet.
She looked puzzled when she woke up.

"Just now I sleep on your back," she said.

Lol so she did it knowingly!
I explained to her that I had to go to the toilet and there was no space for me after I came back.

She deliberately came over to hug my back again.

Single bed squeeze, Super king bed also squeeze. πŸ™„πŸ™„

Haha it turns out that I really need all the energy I could gather.

Hubs' friend and wife have 2 boys – 5 and 2, and wow. The level of energy you need with 2 boys is probably at least 3 times that with girls, even for a cheeky one like the little boss.

I didn't do anything except to sit on the bed and watch them play.. and I was tired. πŸ˜‚

Too quick, too rough and too loud.
At one point Clarissa was just sitting beside me on the bed looking quite shocked, like, "I didn't know you can do that."

They basically jumped from the high single bed to the mattress to Clarissa's bed, did like 10 jumping jacks on Clarissa's bed before jumping from her bed to the mattress to the high single bed.
Repeat 5 times before moving on to the next thing.

(Do you feel tired just reading this? πŸ˜‚)

And instead of going up Clarissa's bed the usual way, they climbed up from the window and/or windscreen.

And the little boss asked me to ask the boys to let her drive her own fire truck. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

But she enjoyed their company lol.

They did play together at some point.

When they left the little boy gave everyone a hug, which was really sweet. The Gor-gor didn't because he was already tired.

Clarissa asked me why Didi hugged her but Gor-gor didn't. She sounded a little upset so I consoled her by telling her that Gor-gor didn't hug anyone because he was already tired. πŸ˜‚

She asked if they would come again.

So funny to see how kids interact.

But she was over stimulated lah.
Took more than an hour to fall asleep!

I had to count Peppa Pigs (yeah people ζ•°η»΅ηΎŠ but we count pigs πŸ˜‚) until it was over a hundred.. and still she didn't sleep.

I guess we will have an early night tomorrow!

Quick Review!

Finally unboxed the Dyson Supersonic!

Now that I'm on home rest I actually have less occasion to use the dryer because I get to shower early and let my hair dry on its own.

But since we had guests over tonight and I was hopelessly hot (not the sexy kind unfortunately), I really had to take a shower when the kids were having their milo / ice cream break.

Not nice to reappear with dripping wet hair so I used my Dyson! 😁

I usually take at least 10 minutes to blowdry my hair from wet to not-so wet, i.e. in hairstylists' terms – 半干 (half dry).

I usually stop there because it gets too hot and my arms would be aching by then.

Tonight I used the maximum speed and maximum temperature, without any of the add-ons (that'd require some time to figure out πŸ˜‚).. and it took me 3 minutes.

3 minutes!! (YES I TIMED. πŸ˜‚)
From wet to about 90% dry.

Granted, I really was just drying my hair. Didn't even comb or style.

It was quick and it didn't heat up – exactly as it claims.

I don't know much about the technology whatsoever but I guess it's because it had both hot air and somewhat cold air coming out at the same time, and at a very fast speed.

So you get a very quick dry without it heating up.

Let's see how my hair looks like tomorrow. Usually the ends would be quite dry in the morning after I use the hairdryer.

But I'm quite impressed already.

My only gripe is that it is quite bulky and not really light.

Of course the bulk and weight can be compensated by its speed. My previous hair dryer is smaller and lighter but it takes so much longer it feels heavier anyway.

It is still as noisy but acceptable.

But for something that's more than 10x the price of regular hairdryers, I'd have expected something more sleek and light.

Almost like luxury skincare products?
I'd expect more superior performance AND a luxurious experience?

Afterall it's the little details that make up the price tag, especially for super premium products.

I almost felt like I was using a super powerful vacuum cleaner on my hair because it's bulky. πŸ˜‚

The packaging is nice and thoughtful but really, even the box is so big I'm not sure how or where to put it.

Might need to find a separate holder for the different parts!

Ok that's all!

My first and (way too short/ quick) #dayrebeauty review lol.


I'll have to go for the full experience (ie with the different parts, styling, hair quality over time) to really comment on whether it's worth the hefty price tag.

For now I'm just glad that hair drying during confinement would be quite a breeze! (Haha pun not intended.)