It's lazy parenting day today.

Didn't and couldn't do much today because I had yet another horrible night.

Slept at around 1130pm and woke up at 1230am in cold sweat and with a very bad tummy ache.

Was up from 1230am all the way to 5+am battling it.

Very similar to what I had last Sunday, though at one point I wondered if it was contractions because it was so painful.

I was alternating between going to the toilet, trying to rub the tummy 10000x and withering in pain on the bed.

Thankfully the little boss slept through all of these and woke up only at 715am.

And thankfully I was able to sleep for <2hours after the entire tummy ache episode.

Really don't know what's causing this. I didn't eat or drink anything funky. 😥

And the tummy remained rock hard the entire day today so apart from a short lunch break I was just mostly in bed.

After a week of bunking in with me, the hubs managed to get her to sleep in her own room tonight.

I like how she asks her Daddy to tell the same bedtime story every night.
And tonight she's asked him to lie down with her in her bed. 😂

I like having her co-sleep with me, because she seems to be able to sleep for a longer duration, at least a decent 7am. And of course I get all her sweet "good morning mummy"s.

But I think I'm disturbing her with my frequent toilet trips and the light from my phone, which I turn to when I can't sleep.

And I'm worried she won't be able to adapt to the changes when her sister arrives if she sleeps with me too often.

The hubs has started preparing her for it, and she has started asking why she can't sleep with me.

Which might explain why she's been inviting herself to sleep with me every night.

Hope she sleeps well tonight!
(And hope I sleep well too. 😂)