0417am now and I've been up since 230am.

Tried to lie down in the dark for an hour but finally gave up.

I'm now squeezed into the edge of the bed because the little boss has decided to sleep horizontally across the bed with her head right next to my butt. 😂

In a feeble attempt to keep her to her half of the bed, I'd placed a pillow in between the two of us.

But sometime around 1130pm she'd tossed and turned and then flung the pillow aside, while pulling off her socks.

It's turning out to be a really long night.

Went back to sleep at around 6am, and woke up at 638am because the little one started sobbing.

At first I thought she was tembling but tears started rolling down her cheeks and she was inconsolable.

I held her in my arms.

"Clarissa, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Mummy you not here with me!" She said in between sobs.

"But Mummy is here! See?"

"No, you not here! You sleeping with Daddy!" She continued sobbing.

I hugged her until she calmed down.

Made milk for her and when she was done drinking, she came over and lay down between the crook of my neck and shoulder.

"You know Clarissa? Mummy is always here, even if you don't see me."

She was quiet.

"What are thinking about?" I asked her after a while.

"I'm thinking about my Yi-yis," she said before turning to look at me with a grin on her face.

And then she said, with one hand on my tummy, "Good morning Meimei! What are you doing?"

I guess she's back to her usual self. 😊

Before leaving for school, the little boss was hugging Mama duck and whispering to her.

When it was time for her to leave the house with Daddy, she said to me, "Mummy, you look after Mama duck for me ok?"

"Ok," I said.

👶: Mama duck cried just now but she's ok now because I hugged her.

👧: Ok. But what if she cries again?

👶: Then you call me. My number is 8157 54321.

👧: Ok.

👶: You take care of her ok? You remember my number?

👧: Haha yes I remember. It's..

👧👶: 8157 54321!


Oh yay!

Thanks to O's recommendation, I've just downloaded the NLB app and borrowed 2 ebooks.

Starting with some chick lit to get me through the sleepless nights. 😅

I'm so tired today but only managed to nap for 40 minutes. 😩

Things that made me smile today

1) Knowing that I have something to do if the night turns out to be sleepless one again. (See point above)

2) The little boss coming home and announcing to me "Today no party!" before zooming out to get changed. 😂

Ok, that made me laugh.

3) I said I'd not write about her poop stories anymore, but how about a pee story? 😂😂

Her diaper was full when she got home, but she would be taking a shower after dinner, which was in 3-3.5 hours' time.

Too short a duration to spend 50 cents. 😅😂

So I decided to #yolo and suggested that she only wear her shorts, and let us know if she needed to pee.

She was quite happy to do it, although she said the shorts made her ticklish.

But I #yolo-ed with some caution. Instead of playing in our room and on our bed, we spent time in the living room instead.

An hour later she told me she wanted to pee. So we pulled out the potty, a white elephant since 2016 😂, and she took off her shorts to sit on it.

She sat on it for about 10 minutes and I thought it was just a fluke.

She has been asking us to bring her to the toilet from time to time, but with no output. She only wanted to push the flush button. 😂

I told her it's ok, keep trying, let it come out.. 😂🤣

I turned away so she wouldn't feel pressured.

And then she exclaimed, "Mummy! There's PEE!"

She looked incredulous and really amazed that there was pee in the potty. 😂🤣

I checked, and true enough.

The potty has broken its dry spell.

I said, "Good job!" to her and she beamed with pride.

"YAYA!" She ran to the kitchen to tell our helper. "I pee in the potty you know? I never cry!"

I took the potty and made her follow me to the toilet to pour her pee away into the toilet bowl, and let her press the flush button.

"See? It's not difficult right? Clarissa can do it!" I wanted to encourage her.

"Yes! Later when Daddy comes home, I want to tell him about my pee," she told me happily.

Baby steps.

There is pressure to toilet train her, especially from the older folks.

I get comments like "She's so smart, why can't you train her to use the toilet? By right 2 years old don't need to wear diapers already!"

I don't know if it has anything to do with intelligence but I don't believe in forcing her when she's not ready.

So yeah, baby steps.

4) Our helper cooked my favorite comfort food for dinner.

She doesn't know it's my favorite though, so it's not 'especially for me'.
More likely she cooked it for Clarissa, because Clarissa likes "rat's tail". 🤣

This looks unassuming but the soup really packs a punch. She started boiling it since afternoon, and cooked all the ingredients separately before assembling them.

Shallots are freshly fried today. Super crispy and fragrant! 😋

Our helper is a good cook. 😁

5) The hubs came home at 8pm and said, "Another thing to make you smile. Chamomile tea with 2 packs of honey."


6) These were delivered!

I used to buy the *victory* and its sister brand a lot, and the good ones cost quite a bomb.

And then motherhood happened and I spent quite a lot on nursing bras, which I ended up taking off anyway whenever I had to pump.

And then I switched to the Uniqlo seamless ones, stocking up whenever there's a sale or when I happen to be in Japan.

Jumped onto the bralette band wagon a few months back, because they looked really comfy.

Started with the starter kit (duh😂) and I was wowed.

One of the 3 pieces I received was the Here for You (the 2 pieces on the right) in navy blue. It's not padded, but still thick enough to provide the right coverage. More importantly it is very comfortable.

I have gone on to get the other two colours, and another two pieces now because I want to size up.

I was browsing the site last week because there was a new launch.

But the new arrivals didn't catch my eye because they look too complicated.

Surfed around to look for other designs to buy, to get free shipping. 😂

Saw The Boobhugger under the supermommies section and the reviews looked good.

Most reviews said that the material is comfy but probably too thin to be worn out of the house. Good for wearing at home while nursing.

Sounded like what I need.

Tried them on and they are indeed so comfortable, I hardly feel like I'm wearing anything.

Material feels like silk! (But it's in fact very thin lycra.)

I also like that the hoops are made of gold metal rings and not plastic.

Ah, happy with my purchase!

Best of all, each piece costs $13.80 so I spent $55.20 for 4 bralettes.. which would get me only slightly more than half a bra from the *victory* brand. 😂

Yet another sign of #auntiehood.
Can write so much about bras. 😂

Anything to distract myself from the swollen feet and super hard tummy. 🙄

And of course goofing around with this little boss who insisted on putting the spectacles on for me so that everyone at home is now wearing spectacles. 😂

"Mummy so pretty!" She said. "See? Got STAR here!"


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