Currently watching this.

Not fervently, but I was bored one afternoon and turned on YouTube on TV and this was the recommended clip.

It's quite cute!

Most of the kids are 4 years old, except for Wu Zun's daughter who's 7.

I'm only at Episode 2 but I think he's hands down my favorite boy lah.

He's a sweetheart.

His daddy is quite fierce and rough with him (tough love), and he'd look so lost and sad but yet dare to ask, in his own quiet way (but using the loudspeaker lol), why Daddy is so angry. 😂

Don't know if it's age, but I can't sit through an entire episode which is almost 2 hours long.

So am just going to catch it when there's nothing else to do. 😂

We are on a roll.

Hahaha the hubs bought toys for the little boss, for her birthday.

He's a first time user so he managed to get a $20 off $80 purchase.

I got down to doing something that's much further down in my to-do list.

Sold a bag in less than an hour.

Usually, when things seem too good to be true, they turn out to be, indeed, not true.

So until I get the payment and item sent out I can't say if it is successful or not.

Fingers crossed.

I don't want to sweat over this. I'm ok to keep the bag, it just feels like a waste because I seldom use it.

I've been using bags that are either small / convenient cross-body bags on weekends or big ones that can fit my laptop on weekdays.

The in-between sizes ones are harder to use, ever since motherhood happened. 😂

Complaining about her Ah-gong. 😅🙊

She told me she said hi to Ah-gong but Ah-gong said "faster faster faster" and she said "haiiiyah!"

I guess it's because there was a birthday celebration in her class today so my FIL had to wait for a while in the carpark.. and he got impatient with her while she was trying to get into the car. 😂

Verified with the helper and she confirmed it.

She said Clarissa was very happy (She couldn't finish the cake and even asked her teacher to pack it for her) and said hello to Ah-gong very happily before getting into the car but after he told her to hurry up, she said "haiiiyah" and was quiet thoughout the ride home. 😂🙊

She built this and said it's an aeroplane.

Which later became a rocket with a shrink gun. 😂

Quite nice though!

She made me press a button and said it's for the sound.

But the sound is manual. 😂😂😂

Like this.

Watching the 730pm show with Wai-gong.

Can't help but #mamarazzi. 😊

I don't think I've ever watched TV with my dad like this. 😅

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