Waffle and Peppa Pig = Good life. πŸ˜†

She's in a very chirpy mood these days because she's looking forward to celebrating her birthday.

Without looking at her wardrobe she could tell me she wants to wear the "kissing Mickey Mouse t-shirt and long pants" tomorrow for her birthday celebration in school.

According to her, her Teacher L will see the t-shirt and say, "So pretty!"

Is this like 'ε°ηŽ‹ε–η“œ'? πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

She's also looking forward to celebrating with our families this weekend.

Every morning and evening she'd say to me, "When ALL my Yi-yis and San Yi-zhang and Gor-gor And Gu-gus come to my house, I will say HURRAY!"
While raising both her hands up high, cheering happily.

And her interactions with Ah-gong have been quite hilarious since the "haiiiyah" episode.

The hubs shared the video clip with my FIL and I think over the past few days my FIL deliberately pretended to be impatient with her, just to make her do that haiiiyah expression. πŸ˜‚

She would good-naturedly show him her goodie bags or say goodbye nicely, but he would deliberately say "faster faster" or "byebye byebye hurry up" and laugh when she goes "haiiiyah!" at him.

She'd tease him back.

Yesterday my FIL was yawning while driving her home and she cheekily said "Good night Ah-gong!" to him.

He told her he was just yawning and not sleeping, but she continued saying "Good night Ah-gong good night!" non-stop.

Wonder where she got her 豹子胆 from. πŸ˜‚

I haven't done much the past 2 days.

Feeling lethargic in general.

So I've spent the time either reading or writing, dozing off and waking up, and playing with the little boss when she's back from school.

I've already finished reading one e-book and herworld (which the hubs kindly subscribed for me) and am on to the next e-book.

☝️She asked me to do happy, angry, sad and crazy face with her. πŸ˜‚

And her signature naughty face.

I love how simple things make her happy. 😊

Before bedtime, I asked the little boss, "So it's your big day tomorrow! What's going to happen?"

And she gave me the most detailed answer.

"I go to school, eat breakfast, go to assembly, go to class, eat lunch, shower, do my bed, I sleep, I wake up, I keep my bag.. and then Daddy and Mummy will come!"

Love the sparkle in her eyes when she shared the plan. 😍