Birthday celebration in School!

My day started at 430am, after waking up and going back to sleep at least thrice in 4 hours.

I had a dull but unmistakable pain in the bottom part of my tummy.

The little one came into our room at 530am, clearly sleepy and grumpy. She insisted on sleeping on my side of the bed so I spent the next 2 hours squeezed in between the hubs and the bubs. 😂

She went back to sleep quite quickly, and woke up happy so all's good.

I started packing her party goodie pouch.

Back. Breaking. Business. 😅

It was fun though.

I didn't bother getting her class list this year so everything is just "❤ from Clarissa". 🙊

The complete set!

Prepared the colouring and sticker books a few weeks back.
Just nice, can color with all the color pencils / crayons she received this month. 😅

The "theme" is Mickey/Minnie Mouse, as per the birthday girl's request.
She said she wanted a Mickey Mouse cake, and I came up with the rest.

Though I think she'd be happy with just a cake and candles.
I'd asked her what she wants to do the most on her birthday, and her answer is, "I want to blow candles!" 😁😆

Birthday Celebration in School!

We set up the cake under the watchful eyes (and itchy hands 😅) of 14 kids. 😂

Her teachers helped a lot by asking the kids to give us some space to take pictures.

The little boss was so delighted.. But somehow became a little shy too.

We managed to sneak in a family picture!

Now you see her..

Now you don't.

In fact, before the hubs lit the candle, we took pictures of her with her classmates and teachers.. And you wouldn't be able to tell she's the birthday girl.

Everyone was squeezing to stand behind the cake. 😂
(Lazy to post that picture because too many faces to mosaic. 🤣)

Again the teachers had to remind the kids whose birthday they were celebrating.

But somehow after the candle was lit, she was blocked by her friends again.

It was hilarious.

Hahaha ok she's back.

She managed to blow the candle!

And cut the cake with Daddy!

Hahaha and right after the candle was blown, the kids swiftly removed the candle and the toppers.
We had to put them back to take this picture. 😂🤣

Our happy little girl.

Hahaha the hubs was totally sweating by now, even though the air conditioning was cold.

She gave out the cakes and gifts, and we went around taking pictures of her with her teachers.

We spent about 45 minutes in all, and it was quite stressful. 😂

But we did it! 💪💪

And she's happy!

Her teachers told us how much she's looking forward to this, and how she kept reminding them about today. 😆


The cake is from "Out of the cake box".

I shortlisted 3 bakeries and gave them the same brief.

I wanted the mickey mouse theme but not the fondant laden kind of cake. Just a simple cake with minimal colouring since it's for kids, and I can provide the toppers (from qoo10).

The baker I really liked was not only the cheapest but also understood the brief best. But unfortunately she is out on vacation these 2 weeks.

I thought it wouldn't be ethical to ask the other bakers to directly replicate her proposed design so I let them propose, and chose the next best proposal (and price tag).

This was the more reasonable one, though to be honest I'm not 100% happy with how it turned out.

The colours are not very well balanced, e.g. Gold letters on yellow cream, so the letters "C" and "A" from Clarissa's name is not visible at all in the photos.

The design came from a random picture I found on Google which I shared for inspiration, and they replicated 90% of it.

The owner did give some advice on colours and flavour though.

Oh and the hubs thought the cake itself tastes so-so only but I think it's quite good for a vanilla flavoured cake.

The little boss and her friends seem to enjoy it since most of them finished everything!

I guess for celebrations in school, cupcakes and store-bought cakes with some customisation (e.g. name, character toppers) would be good!

It's anyway too chaotic to take very nice pictures. 😂

More importantly her joy comes from being able to celebrate with her teachers and friends; not so much the cake itself as long as there is some form of mickey mouse / whatever cartoon characters she likes on it.

Mission accomplished!

So glad I made it!

Because she keeps emphasizing that she wants Daddy and Mummy to be there whenever I ask her about what she'd like to have for her celebration in school.

So thank you Meimei for your cooperation and kind understanding. 😆