Someone's birthday good mood continues! 🤣

She insisted on wearing sunglasses, and made her Daddy wear a white t-shirt.

Said to me, "Mummy, I check the mirror already! I so pretty! Daddy handsome. Mummy pretty."

Overheard her sharing today's plans with her Yaya.

"I eat lunch, go shopping and then I collect my birthday cake."

Ok boss.

Last night, out of the blue, she said to the hubs:

Daddy, can you please stay healthy for Mummy and Clarissa?

We were so surprised we asked her to repeat herself, in case she was saying "happy" or some other word.

But no, she said and meant "healthy".

I was a little awestruck.

So I continued talking to her to find out where she got the idea from.. And I realised it was from a tv commercial about doing checkups regularly. 😅

In the commercial it was a little Gor-gor who saved up all the small change and asked his dad to go for a body checkup.

And he asked his dad the same question.

I didn't realise she was actually paying attention to the ad! 🙊

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