Birthday celebration at Home!

We invited our families over last night to celebrate the little boss' birthday!

First things first, milestone photo!

I was looking at it and going wow, 100cm?

And then I realised she'd tiptoed. 😅

And 14.3kg, measured on a separate day.

At the same spot, same time last year.

With ALL her Yi-yis and Yi-zhang and Gor-gor.

She started off shy lor, lol. After so many days of telling me how she'd say hurray when she sees them. 😅

When I asked her to say hello, she said to them, "I'm so shy."

Birthday girl with her Peppa Pig cake.

Lol only the table deco and candles.

Not sure why Buibui Duck joined in too, maybe coz also buibui. 😂

Picture from Sis#3!

We asked her to show the number 3.

As Sis#4 rightfully pointed out, her fingers same as Peppa's. 😂

With the family!

I wanted to take a shower and change into a slightly more presentable t-shirt, but there was no time because we wanted to cut the cake before my FIL left.

The hubs was sweating buckets after finishing dinner so he took a quick shower and changed into a singlet.

So both of us were basically wearing our pyjamas. 😂

With Ah-gong, Ah-ma and Gu-gus!

Suddenly shy again when everyone sang her the birthday song.

Love this picture my sis#3 took!

I didn't manage to capture any picture of her blowing the candles because my camera chose that precise moment to lose its focal point?

My turn to cut the cake with her!

She told me she wanted to give out the cake to everyone so we let her hand out the plates of cake one by one, to everyone.

Cake for Daddy.



Cake is from "Out of the cake box" again.

This is one of their signature cakes, Rose Lychee.
And it's good! 👍👍👍

I was looking for a pink cake (because she wanted Peppa Pig or Pororo – but Pororo is too difficult) and this looked pretty and sounded delicious.

I simply needed to add the Peppa Pig candles and toys at the side to make it work.

I asked her this morning, which cake she likes more.

She said, the Mickey Mouse cake and the Peppa Pig cake! 😆

Presents from everyone.

She's so lucky to be loved by so many people, who really think and care about her.

Her favorite Mickey/Minnie Mouse t-shirts, story books I know she'd make me read again and again, activity books, mini bag and towel for her swimming, and toys she'd play over and over again.

I let her open all the presents and took pictures so she can thank all her aunties and uncles properly and also remember them! 😊

The toy set she picked to go to bed with her last night, and to wake up at 630am today to play with.

This is my favorite picture of the two #lovebirds.

Her love and delight is totally candid. 😙😙

And we turn 3!