Happy (actual) birthday!

Happy Birthday, our cheeky sweetheart!

May you always be happy, even with the simplest things in life – just like how you love your waffles.

Love you! πŸ˜—πŸ˜—

It looks like your sister is not going to share your birth date or month with you.

So you will be properly three years old when she arrives.

Looking forward to our waffle and ice cream date later! πŸ˜†

πŸ˜… CTG showed almost no contraction.
πŸ˜… Cervix check yielded 0cm dilation – it closed back because baby grew.
πŸ˜… Mummy is 200g heavier vs. last week but baby remains 3.1kg – still a good size.

And so, we wait.

Picked her up from school a little earlier than usual.

Daddy decided to prank her by hiding outside the school and asking Yaya to wait for her to come out of the classroom while I sat beside the shoe cabinet, which is also hidden from her view.

Aiyo she was so disappointed she kept tilting her head to see if we were here.

She'd already told her teacher that Daddy and Mummy are picking her up today.

So she was a little quiet and insisted on eating her cake from the teabreak.

But all is good when we told her we are going for waffle and ice cream as planned.

Ice cream tasting in progress!

She already knew what she wanted, even before going to the cafe.


I picked the snickers mars honeycomb vanilla.

Lol can't help but keep taking pictures of her with her ice cream because, how many expressions can a little girl have while eating ice cream?

I fed her the waffle and she went around feeding us her ice cream.

We asked our helper to come along because this little girl specifically told us she wants her Yaya to come for ice cream too. 😊

So happy to see her so happy.

#ootd – new Minnie mouse t-shirt from San-yi and San Yi-zhang!

Daddy took this photo.

Erm look at how she bent her leg to pose. πŸ˜†


Looking like a proper three year-old.

We then went on to pack wanton mee from Eng's (first time trying!), pumped petrol and then went to Bedok camp food centre to get coconut water and some satay.

She happily entertained herself by singing all sorts of different songs while we were waiting in the car.

Opening yet another present after dinner and shower.

It's a book customised according to her name.

With a message for her.

It's basically about a little girl who lost her name but bravely went on an adventure to find it.

Along the way she'd meet creatures that'd eventually form her name.

I like the book!

Hahaha but she's probably too young for this.

Halfway through reading it, she asked me, "Are we done? Can I choose another book already?" πŸ˜‚

But she sat through the entire story, and kinda got that it formed her name?

The day when she fully comprehends it will come. 😊

For now, our wish is simply for her to be healthy, and happy.

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