From left to right and right to left! 😁

2 days ago she could only turn to one side!

This morning she's happily turning her head from left to right to left to right!

Spot her double chin lol.

Drinking 100ml per feed now.

We have been tapping into the frozen bm stash.

Jiejie goofing around with bread in her mouth while Meimei's totally judging. 😂🤣

Sorry the angle's not very flattering for the small little boss. 😅

We were chit chatting over dinner about Meimei's double chin and the Jiejie asked me what a double chin is.

"Do I have one?" She asked.

I said yes and showed her this picture of her when she was 2 months old. 😁

She laughed when she saw this lol.

She went on to scroll through the other pictures and started making observations and asking questions.

"You see, Gor-gor carry me and I never cry."

"Why I never cry huh?"
(I told her, because you are happy to be carried by Gor-gor.)

"Which hands carry me and I cry huh?"
(This was not in the pictures so she really inferred her own question.
I think she meant to ask who carried her and made her cry. 😂)

This happened two days ago so I'd better write it down before I forget.

Clarissa can do simple math! Lol.

My dad bought her 2 packets of oreo biscuits. Each packet has 3 biscuits in them.

She wanted to eat a packet before dinner but I told her she can have them the next day, because it's dinner time soon.

She tried to negotiate.

"How about I eat ONE before dinner? And then after dinner I eat TWO?"


Sorry if I'm being a little 大惊小怪, but I'm quite impressed? 😅

I always feel a little guilty about not teaching her much at home beyond story-telling and building bricks.

So I'm glad she unknowingly knows how to add to 3? 😂🤣

Power of (junk) food. 🙊🙊

The 6pm chaos today was 😨🤤😵.

The baby was crying on and off from 5ish and non-stop from 6pm.

CL was cooking.
Helper was trying to pacify the baby, carrying her and walking around the house while the baby wailed on and on.
Clarissa was following them around the house because she said she didn't want to watch me pump.

I was trying my best to pump as quickly as possible but mid pump, Clarissa started banging on my door and telling me she wanted to poop.

I'd locked the door and informed her about it beforehand, because the main door was open and my dad was here. I didn't want to risk having her zooming around and opening the door, and baring my boobs to the world.

So I asked her to use the spare potty in her room and I think she probably tried to get the helper's attention but the helper told her she was carrying Meimei.. And couldn't take the potty out for her in time.

She started crying in panick outside my room, on top of Meimei's wailing.

So I had to stop the pump and cover my boobs with a face towel to open the door for her.


She came into the room and sat on the potty.

Five minutes later she told me the poop didn't want to come out. 😵😭

I asked her to try again after five minutes and fortunately her poop came out afterall.

We had dinner together while Meimei continued to fuss. She calmed down in the middle but continued to fuss again, all the way to 8ish pm.

First lesson learned: Never fully believe a toddler when she says she's ok to play outside your room. 😂

After she calmed down she told me sadly, "Nobody wants to play with me."

I had to remind her that she told me she was ok.

So I guess from now on, I'm going to ensure she's with me for the 6pm pump regardless of what she says.

So far I have a pretty fixed pump schedule of 10-2-6-10-2-6.

There isn't a perfect schedule.

Push it earlier by an hour and it'd clash with bedtime.

Move it back by an hour and it'd clash with dinner time.

So while this is tight at least I get to do dinner time and bed time?

We will have to see how it goes next week.

Really need the helper to step up.

She's usually "off duty" by 8pm after she finished washing the dishes, and she'd be on her phone.

In the mornings she sweeps the floor and does the laundry.

Starts preparing dinner in the afternoon.

Quite a lot of free time in between.

We let her hold her phone and everything because aye it's her right and we believe she's experienced and mature enough to know when to use it and when not to use it.

Using it in front of Clarissa is a big no no.

Now with the baby I really need her help more.

That includes preparing a simple lunch for both of us (Because I can't afford to deliveroo everyday) and also helping out with the baby during the day and evening before the hubs comes back.

She will still get to be in bed before 10pm and get her 8 hours of sleep (or more) but my worry is that she'd think it's a significant increase in workload.

It's only human to think that way.

On one hand I don't think it's unreasonable because my mum managed to do that when she helped me with Clarissa for the first few months and she managed to cook lunch and dinner and even helped me with some of the household chores.

And obviously there are lots of super mums who do it singlehandedly with one kid, two kids and even more.

On the other hand, she has been quite relaxed since she came in May, and she really isn't the most proactive person.

And while I wish I can be a supermum, I'm unfortunately not supermum material.

So I need some help and some sleep.

Hopefully she can fill in the gap and, erm, stay with us.

Need to work out a schedule and have a chat with her.

Ultimately I know each day would be different but I guess some pep talk and general rules need to be set.