Hello, world.

Hello, Allie.

3,075g. 49cm.
(10g lighter and 1cm taller than her Jiejie)

The calm after all the drama, 12 hours of it.

The hubs has gone back to wash up and pick up the big little boss.

And I've been staring at the small little boss for the past hour.

I think she has Daddy's nose.

I'll save the birth story for another day.

Hello, again.

When Clarissa meets Allison.

My family came over this evening! 😄

One of her Yi-yis called Clarissa "baby" out of habit, and got corrected. 😂

"I'm not baby. I'm Jiejie Clarissa!"

"Ooh then who is the baby?"

"Meimei is the baby!"

And the bossy one insisted that only she can carry Meimei, because "otherwise Meimei will cry".

She picked the jellycat Bunny for Meimei as a gift and was so eager to give it to her.

And Meimei's gift to her is a goodie bag!

Filled with toys. 😁

My heart's feeling so full now.

It's so nice to have my family here and everyone giving the 2 girls so much love and attention. ❤