Home sweet home.

So I started pumping to stimulate milk supply. The lactation consultant advised me to pump 8 times a day, 15 minutes per pump.

I forgot which parts need washing and which don't and had to ask Sim over WhatsApp.

We managed to latch successfully this morning! 15 minutes on each side but she was still hangry after the feed (obviously) and the nurses topped up with formula.

She's already drinking 40ml every 3 hours.

And my colostrum yield today has improved..

.. to 1ml! 😂🤣

Fed it to Allie before we gave her formula! 💪✌👍

The confinement nanny is here and fingers crossed that things will work out.

We had such a horrible one the previous time and my mum still gets very worked up talking about it.

And she's already sounding negative about it even before she saw this new nanny.

Hope I don't need to deal with this.