Good news for today:

1) Went for the baby's checkup at the appointed PD this morning and baby's doing well. Weight is up! 3175g.

2) Supply is meeting demand at 60ml per 3-hourly pump.

Bad news:

Boobs still clogged.
The masseur tried her best to help and even went 20 minutes over time.
But even before she touched my boobs she said, "Both sides infection already."
So after more than 30 minutes of hot compress and massaging, the lumpy parts remained lumpy even though the boobs felt less hard.
She said most likely the ducts are clogged so no matter how hard I massage or pump, the milk would not flow out.

Said she will try her best and hopefully I won't get a fever from the infection.

She asked me to see a doctor in the morning.

I pumped almost immediately after the massage. Yield was the same and boobs felt softer but the lumps are still there.

Honestly feeling quite defeated at this point.

I have been diligent in pumping.
I have taken care not to over pump like I did previously.
So I really don't know what I have done to cause the infection or how I could have prevented it.

I have in fact made an appointment with the lactation consultant tomorrow afternoon so I could get help on the right pump settings.

I bought spare pump parts so I could do the 3-hourly pumps more efficiently without having to keep washing and sterilizing the parts after every pump.

I even took care not to sleep on my side for fear of pressing too hard on either side and causing more lumps to form.

I'm so determined not to make the same mistakes this time, so this infection that came out of nowhere is hitting me harder than it should.

It's not even a week post-partum and I'm exhausted.