11.11 and other random deliveries

I woke up in shock at 545am this morning.

Missed the 415am alarm and had gone 5 hours without pumping.

Ironically I was so afraid I'd oversleep I actually woke up at 345am to check the clock and to confirm the time I had to wake up.

I must have accidentally turned off the alarm in my half asleep state.

The screwed up massage schedule yesterday resulted in zero nap so I was extra tired.

Gosh, the fear is real.

Just when I was about to start pumping until the cows come home (lol), Clarissa woke up and came into our room.

Had to cover up and let my helper pass her the milk before I commence.

Thankfully she went back to sleep despite the sound of the pump and Daddy's snoring). 😂

I pumped 190ml in all.

Praying hard that my boobs would be alright.

I was reading the birth story of one of the popular Dayreans and she wrote in detail about the post delivery experience.

To quote her – "First pee was scary, first poop was scarier". 😂😂

It cannot be more true.

When I was younger, I used to walk away when my older colleagues started sharing their delivery experiences. I heard key words like "scissors", "cut" and "bleeding", and immediately shut my ears. 😂

But now, even after popping two, I still find it scary. 😅

I guess most of us can never be 💯% prepared for childbirth.

Both my pregnancies are planned but still the process and aftermath and the aftermath of the aftermath are not easy to get through.

It certainly helps to have a hands-on partner!

Yet the bodily discomfort and the mental stress is something we have to go through on our own.


(Updated: And other random deliveries 😅)

Let's just say.. We are expecting a lot of deliveries this week. 😂

The hubs joined in the fun and bought quite a few things.
He's belatedly enjoying the fun of online shopping.

It's 10am and so far we have:
– My first purchase from Minitotz, a Korean brand?: Antibacterial infant pillow, 18 pairs of socks for the 2 girls and 1 set of clothing each. Delivered at 10pm last night. (Not related to 11.11 but all heavily discounted)

Yep many many many pairs of socks from size XS to L.

It's hard to find anti-slip socks especially bigger sized ones, which are required for school so I'm stocking up for both girls.. until K2. 😅

Every 2nd pair was at 50% discount.

Cat singlet and shorts set for Clarissa, Egg romper for Allie.

Infant pillow and extra pillow case!

– Hegen milk storage containers from pupsik studio (only VIP member discount, also not related to 11.11 😂)

– White gold pearl earrings from Taka Jewellery, purchased from Lazada

Usual price $119, 11.11 hot deal price $26!

It's boring but I like smallish pearl earrings. I keep losing the ones I had, especially the backing.

This came without a box though – only a dust bag and a Taka paper bag.

– The hubs' loot from Lazada

I'm leaving it for him to unwrap tonight.

He bought a gopro! 😆

– Car wash something something the hubs bought 😅

Seems like a good deal?

– Not a 11.11 purchase but I got this Bosch handheld vacuum cleaner for the hubs back in September, together with an anti-slip mat for his mobile phone

Meant for his birthday but it's just sitting there now, unopened. 😂

So this is a gentle reminder to him to start using it.

Great for cleaning crumbs off car seats!

– Hamper from my company also came today

Erm my admin asked me to choose something online that's within $100. 😂

So I googled and clicked on the first link and tadah! There's bottled bird's nest, chicken essence and honey.

Not bad lah.

I don't want a hamper that's filled with chicken essence because I have so many bottles that the confinement nanny is preparing one for me every morning. 😂

– Diaper liner from qoo10

Very necessary especially at newborn stage!

For minor poops that slightly stains the diaper. Such a waste to throw the entire diaper away.

We used to do this for Clarissa too.

I used the qoo10 cart coupons for this purchase!

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