“My hair is longer than yours!” 😆

👦: Clarissa, you eat your lunch first ok? I'm going to cut hair.

🙎: I also want to go cut hair!

👦: No lah you eat your lunch then we go swimming.

🙎: But my hair is very long you know? See? It's poking my eyes already.

👦: My hair is also very long. I need to cut today.

🙎: But my hair is longer than yours!

👦: I bring you next week ok?

🙎: Then you also go next week lah!


So Daddy went ahead for a quick haircut near home while I had lunch with the little boss.

Her hair wasn't tied up so as she leaned forward to eat her food, some of her hair got into the bowl.

👧: You want me to tie your hair up? It's getting into the bowl.

🙎: Yah, my hair is so long!

👧: Yes so let's go and cut your hair next week.

🙎: Daddy never bring me go and cut hair. I'm SO SAD!


Yep, quite long indeed.

👧: Clarissa, you want me to tie your hair before you go swimming?

🙎: Yes, ok. If not coach will say, WAH! LION HAIR!