2 Facebook reminders, 3 years ago today.


I must have written this over one of those middle of the night pumps.

It was a tough period dealing with all the body and life changes, and an obnoxious confinement lady with an evil mouth.

Emotionally I wasn't stable, and I remember feeling really down.

Now three years later I still feel a little down every now and then, thinking about life after the first month and looking at my already battered boobs.

But I try my best to stay in control, at least physically.

Too hot and humid? Take a shower.
Food too heaty? Drink lots of water.
Middle of the night pumps? Yeah pump with eyes half closed. 😂

I woke up in shock again at 545am today.
I thought I'd missed my 315am pump.
It took me a few minutes to recall pouring the ebm into a storage bottle and soaking the pump parts in water.
I went back to sleep after the hubs asked me if my tailbone was still hurting.

My tailbone suddenly shot up in pain last night after I lay down in bed.

Perhaps the side effects of sitting up to pump?

I was also packing up the shoe cabinet earlier because I couldn't stand the mess.

Also sat outside with Clarissa and walked around carrying a crying baby while trying to respond to Clarissa, because both the CL and helper were busy in the kitchen.

Not sure what's the real cause of it, but it took a while for the pain to subside.

It's a very good reminder from my dear friends who are fellow mums.

I can do this.

I didn't realise how much I've written about this song over the past 3 years.

Now I think I might cry if he doesn't sing this during his concert next year. 😂

Ooh and I got my push gift from the hubs who'd guessed I was a little depressed and decided to give me a little surprise.

This year, we are erm waiting for the black Friday sale. 😅


Just when I thought I could chill a little more today, I received a call from the confinement agency.

The CL's family has been trying to reach her but couldn't. So they contacted her through the agency.

I immediately went over to let the CL know. She was already in touch with her family.

Her youngest son got into an accident and is in hospital now.

She started tearing and asked when we can get the replacement over.

I guess she'd already got to know about it in the morning, because I overhead her talking to our helper on the kitchen about some "accident", but she kept quiet about it.

I couldn't get a straight answer from her when I asked how her son is doing but she said he's ok in hospital and she had to go back to sign some papers.

She learned about the accident from her friend.

I didn't probe further, but just gave her a little squeeze on her shoulders.

After some back and forth with the agency they managed to find a replacement who'd be coming tomorrow afternoon.

I checked with the CL and she said she's ok to leave tomorrow instead.

So erm yes we are having a new CL with just slightly less than 2 weeks to go.

I called the hubs to discuss the arrangement with him, and he asked me to check with the agency if the replacement CL is good.

I cracked and started laughing.

"Do you think the agency will tell us, Oh we are sending you a so-so nanny?" I asked him. 😂

He laughed too.

So we asked for the profile and past reviews.

She has 6 years of experience and only 2 reviews, noted the hubs.

So how, ask to find another one? I asked.

Never mind, her horfun looks good. Says the hubs. 😂

So we shall take things in our stride.

It's funny, how in the first week I was contemplating if we should request for a change in CL because she didn't seem to have enough experience to tell what the baby wants, beyond suggesting that I boob her (the baby, not the CL 😅) or give her a pacifier.

But I didn't go ahead because other than that, she was ok. Maybe not top notch, but she did her job.

Baby still cries every night around 9pm but I guess that's the witching hour we have to get through.

She didn't make any mistakes that warrant sending her back.

I also appreciate that she's the quiet sort who doesn't share her or other people's life stories or boast about her accomplishments or make comments about everything.

In a way that made confinement much easier for me to get through this time as compared to the first.

Now we can only hope that the replacement would be good and we might consider engaging her for the full 4 weeks, so she can earn a little more. 🤞