I had a bad night after the 2am pump.
Despite being very tired, I couldn't sleep.

The more the clock ticked away, the more anxious I got.
3 hours to 6am.
2.5 hours to 6am.
2 hours to 6am.

The anxiety accumulated into a huge headache.

I started to rub my head / hair trying to allievate the headache.

The hubs reached over to give me a head rub while dozing off.

I remember feeling envious about how he sleeps so easily.

Fortunately sleep finally came.

I probably managed to do an hour or 1.5 hours before the alarm went off at 6am.

I hope this doesn't happen again.


Frivolous buying post ahead to lighten the mood. 😂

My asos 11.11 loot arrived yesterday!

30% off! A much better deal as compared to Black Friday's 20%.

No pictures of the loot because the big little boss was happily opening everything and a little upset when I told her everything was for Daddy and Mummy. 😂

She insisted that the oversized t-shirt is hers.

"No mummy, I'm not taking it off!"


I love to (and usually) buy adidas t-shirts from asos because some of the designs cannot be found locally.

Most of my t-shirts are oversized and this one is *very* oversized at UK10 but I love it.

Also bought a random striped shirt (my usual too) because it has a twist at the back.

For the hubs, socks for work and an Adidas boxy cut t-shirt.

Socks are important because they peek out slightly when men sit down lol. Sorry if it sounds weird but it's something I always notice. 🙈🙊

I thought the color of the adidas t-shirt is really nice and would suit him (it does) but the cutting is too odd because the sleeves are too long.

It's meant to be boxy and funky but I guess we are too old for it? 😂

I decided to return it even though he said he'd wear it anyway.

Since I'm returning the t-shirt I went onto the site again to shop for another one. 😂

There was another t-shirt which I'd considered getting for him during 11.11 but decided on the pink funky one.

Showed it to him and he said this one is nicer. 😅

And it's like couple wear with my white and green t-shirt (which was why I decided not to buy at first, because cheesy 😂😆).

And one thing led to more things.

Started looking at shoes. 🙊🙊

The thing about the hubs is that he buys shoes once every 2 years lol.

So all his shoes, casual and formal, are kinda tattered and torn by now.

All his sneakers are peeling and I don't blame them because he bought them years ago. 😂

So I've been asking him to buy new shoes and offering to pay for them.

Pretty good deal at 20% off!

Continued shopping in the morning. 🙊😂

We've been surfing the Pedro site since last week checking out which designs we like.

They are all from the sale section, and there is a 10% discount on top.

I paid $194 for $350 worth of shoes. 😁

So yes, 5 pairs of new shoes in a day. 🖐✌👌

Which is fine, knowing he's going to hoard them and not buy shoes until they give out.

His current work shoes have holes in them already? 😂

I'm very tempted to buy shoes too!

But I have small feet and I'm sometimes in between size 34 and size 35 – that's like UK 2 or 2.5? 😂

So I prefer to buy at the physical store unless it's a brand or store I've purchased from before.

Anyway I don't need new shoes now since I won't be returning to work until next year.

Until then! (Rubs hands 😂)

Anyway! We didn't stop here. 😅

Also bought:

– His "push gift" for me from Lazada
– Fan and other random stuff from Amazon prime (to get to $80), which was delivered 2 hours later
– Oh he also got some pants and t-shirts from Zalora last night
– A bag from Reebonz which I got at 50% off (and then the hubs offered to sponsor 50%) 😁🙊

All pretty good deals!

The hubs put together a spreadsheet to tabulate and keep track of our spending. 🙈

My mum is very persistent about her mee sua.

And adamant that I need to eat pig's trotters and pig's stomach.

The hubs showed me their text messages yesterday. My mum told him it's important to 补 so that I can bear him more kids.

Much to the hubs' disappointment, I've told him I'm really quite done with this child bearing business.

I love our girls, very, very much.
But I can't say the same for the entire pregnancy and post pregnancy process.

I told the hubs very seriously that I can't do this a third time.

I'd rather we focus our energy on the 2 girls and look forward to our annual holidays.

It's sad to know that after all the trouble bringing me up and giving me an education, my mum thinks that my main role is but a child bearer and this confinement is not just for me, but my "future" pregnancy.

I know she means well.

Anyway the good news is that I've calmed down a lot since yesterday and am able to respond politely, despite having napped for only 20 minutes the entire day.

And this girl has been a sweetheart these two days, after the past week of random tantrums.

In today's "guess what she's drawing", this is her drawing of our family portrait. 😆

Daddy, Mummy, Clarissa, Meimei and Yaya.

Yaya is the smallest because she ran out of space to draw. 😂

It rained heavily quite suddenly in the afternoon after my FIL came to pick Clarissa up, so I brought umbrellas downstairs for my helper and her.

Saw my FIL's car at the shelter. I thought he'd dropped them there, but what I saw warmed my heart.

My FIL carried Clarissa (looking quite proud) and walked towards the lift, while my helper carried the bags.

He handed her over to me and said to Clarissa, "Go to your mummy and complain to her about me lah!"

Smiled and said goodbye to us.

According to our helper, they were bickering again on the way home.

She was happily showing him her goodie bag and telling him about the birthday celebration she just had, but he told her to hurry up. 😂

My FIL loves to tease her and make her angry lol.

So Clarissa said to Ah-gong, "I'm going to complain to Mummy about you!" Which made him laugh and made her angrier. 😂

But when his car pulled over, she said to him, "Ah-gong, you come and carry me." 😆

No wonder our helper says it is fun watching their petty quarrels every car ride. 😂

Had a quiet evening with her just reading and sticker-ing.

She slept quite quickly after tossing and turning a little.

Thankful for nights like this. 😊

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