I've been wanting to do this for the longest time.

Also threw out some cushions and cushion covers.

I'm feeling somewhat liberated now.

Sometimes I feel quite conflicted.
Where do we draw the line between what we think it's good for the child, and what the child wants for him/herself?

Case in point: The torn table mat and the cushions.

My mum bought the table mat/cover and insisted we use it, because the cloth one I bought is not of the same length as the table and she felt uncomfortable looking at it.

So she bought this table mat and insisted it is much better than mine.

I didn't like it at all, but I used it anyway thinking it's not nice to chuck it away.

Afterall she means well.

Yet I'm beginning to realise how this becomes a vicious cycle of her insisting that her way is always better and me always giving in because I'm too tired and too polite to argue with her.

Same with the cushions and covers.

I like my cushions "loose", i.e. not too filled up with cotton wool, so they are more huggable.

But to my mum, that's a sign of the cushions getting worn out. So she took the liberty to stuff the cushions up with lots of cotton wool.

Now they are too fat for too long and no one uses them. They just sit on the sofa.

And cushion covers, a new set every year. Because we all need new covers every Chinese New year. Even though there is only this number of cushions and this much wardrobe space.

I'm not protesting against anything, nor am I rebelling; I'm too old for this.

I'm throwing the table mat away because it's torn at the sides and my previous helper placed too much tape over it. It just irks me.

I'm sure my mum will buy another of the same auntie table mats when she sees my empty coffee table top.

Till then I'll have to find a way to not use it.. or give in yet again.

And she's hardly going to notice that 2 out of the 6 cushions are gone.

It just got me thinking about this thin line I need to draw and the balance we have to maintain as parents.

I hope I can give our girls the space and room to grow on their own, with some guidance but without imposing my thoughts and opinions on them.

It's hard.

So sometimes I really don't blame my mum.

But sometimes I just feel like going against the tide.

"I want to kiss Meimei!" 😘😘

Let's keep learning, together.

Hahahaha the joke is on me.

This. Is. Da. Bombz.

鸡皮疙瘩 all the way.

I think if he ever holds a concert here, I'm in.

My view while powering through the 6pm pump.

Meimei was yakking outside as usual.

Jiejie was yakking too, making the toys talk to one another.

She started off dinner well but was too tired/distracted less than halfway through so I had to feed her.

The hubs is out for basketball tonight.

They had the funniest conversation this morning, about him going for basketball.

👦: Clarissa, should I go for basketball tonight?

🙎: No.

👦: Huh really ah?

🙎: Yah! You are not fat! Don't need to go.


The back story here is that she'd asked her daddy why he always goes for basketball.

And his answer?
"Because I'm fat. So I need to exercise."