T-shirt: Next
Shorts: Fox
Shoes: Next

We went to our usual hunt, but for massage. 😂

I still have a package and the outlet nearer to my place has closed down.

I was dying to have my shoulders sorted out so I suggested to go for a massage together.

The hubs did the 40-minute foot reflexology while I did the 30-minute back massage.

I initially wanted to take turns but he said he'd be ok with Clarissa sitting on his lap while he did the foot massage so we did it all at the same time.

Entertained her with kids app and later on, YouTube. 😅

My masseur was good! Left no knots unturned. My right shoulder hurt so bad it was so good.

I think we can go again and take turns with the same masseur.

Afterall it'd be quite easy to keep her entertained around the mall.

She's so familiar with it she'd always ask to 1) see fishes and 2) drive Peppa pig car whenever we are here.

And she will ask for the same food too.

Never mind that we came to the same restaurant with auntie sim last weekend. 🤣

We tried to suggest otherwise but her answer would always be the same.

👦: Do you want to eat Japanese food? Egg with rice?
🙎: I want fried rice.
👦: Do you want Japanese fried rice or Chinese fried rice?
🙎: I just want fried rice.

So she gets her usual fried rice with prawn roll.

We were waiting for our table to be set up when one of the waiters said he will get the "baby chair".

This girl turned to me and said she didn't need a "baby chair" because she's a big girl already.

So I told her it's not a "baby chair" but a "high chair" for big girls. #marketing101

She bought it and sat down willingly while I saw the waiter trying to stifle a laugh. 😂