1 month

Come to Mama! 😅😂🤣

Last night wasn't *very* bad.

I dozed off right after writing the entry and got up at 1230am because Meimei started making some noise.

Made her milk, fed her, burped her and went back to sleep quite quickly.

I set the alarm to pump 45 minutes before her next feed.

But I overslept by 15 minutes.

She started crying while I had about 3 minutes left to pump.

The hubs got up to pacify her while I finished up and then made her milk.

He found her all wet because her diaper was too full. 😂😭

Yep so I made the noob mistake of not changing her diaper at 1230am because it wasn't full then.

Also because she was half asleep and I didn't want to risk waking her up.

She took a longer time to fall asleep after the 340am feed. Had to rock her while walking around.

Managed to sleep at 445am.

Heard her making noise at around 620am so I got up to warm up the ebm for her.

But she continued sleeping while I kept jumping up every 5 minutes to check. 😂

Eventually decided to just feed her at 640am before the milk turned cold.

Halfway through the feed, Jiejie came into the room with her bottle of milk.

I wasn't able to ask our helper not to make milk for her yet, since we don't know the cause of her puking last night.

But it seemed like she'd asked for the milk so I let her drink it.

She finished 2/3s of it and seemed fine.

Meimei went back to sleep and I was able to pump by 715am.

We decided to let the big lil boss skip school today, just in case.

Brought her downstairs because we wanted to bring our laundry for washing and have some breakfast at the coffee shop while waiting.

I forgot that there is a laundry shop downstairs! Solves the laundry crunch while waiting for the new washing machine to be delivered.

Except for her eye bags, she seems to be ok.

I saw for myself how 热情奔放 she's become. According to our helper she says hi to people she sees in the lift and two days ago I saw her saying "Hello uncle!" to our next-door neighbor because our door was open and he was standing outside his door.

This morning she greeted the cleaner "Hello, good morning!" happily. Said hello to the coffee shop auntie.

I gave her a bit of noodles and when she finished, she got off her chair and announced to the patrons seated at the adjacent tables, "Hello, I finished eating!" 😂🤣

We walked past a lady standing outside the clinic and this girl also greeted her, "Hi good morning, that person!"

Omg luckily "that person" didn't realize she was saying hi to her. 😂

So I'm right afterall that we have an extrovert in the house.

Fingers crossed she's alright and can keep her food down.

Luckily the hubs is on leave today and tomorrow to tide us over the new routine without the CL.

I think I fared *just slightly* better with Meimei as compared to my first night with Clarissa (@weeirdism:041214). 😂

But the disrupted and lack of sleep is really 😪🤤😵.

I think I slept a total of 1 + 1.5 + 1 hours, which is really not the same as 3.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. 😣

Which is why I couldn't resist having my iced kopi-si siewdai (cannot go kosong yet in case my tummy can't take it). The hubs gave me a side eye when I told him what I wanted to have ("Iced?!" He said. I was glad he didn't say "Kopi?!" 😂), but he ordered it anyway. 😂

I only drank 2/3 lah, just in case.

It's more for the taste rather than for keeping me awake. 😅

I know it's not going to work.

Tummy on tummy time.
She kept trying to lift her head up to look at her Daddy.

Happy one month young our small lil boss!

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